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fitness forward

Fitness Forward is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization whose mission is to Lead Youth to Live Well. Integrating scientifically grounded evidence, web-based technologies, and targeted social marketing, we aim to reverse the dangerous rise in childhood obesity, diabetes, and mental illness. We envision a day when all children, regardless of background or circumstance, will grow up with the knowledge, motivation, and tools to live healthier, happier lives. Currently, D2F reaches thousands of children in MA, NC, ND, PA, OH and AL public schools. Evaluations in NC and MA demonstrated that children who participated in D2F

  1. became more physically active
  2. ate more fruits and vegetable
  3. had less overall screen-time
  4. drank less sugary beverages
  5. were less likely to get too little sleep
  6. and were more confident in knowing how to live a healthy lifestyle

Notably, most kids report Mom or Dad is their hero, and, when parents and other role models track their own point, and verify their kids, everyone lives healthier. Now, FF is partnering with other organizations to create comprehensive ‘School Playbook’ programming to foster major impact in the well-being of children.

Position Overview:

The primary responsibilities of the FF Marketing and PR intern are to develop and manage FF’s outreach materials and media exposure. The Marketing and PR Intern reports to the Fundraising and Development Director.

Salary and Benefits

This is volunteer position for approximately 20 hours per week.


The FF Marketing and PR Intern will develop and manage FF’s outreach materials and media exposure by:

  • Revising FF’s current outreach materials and creating new ones as needed
  • Researching prospective media exposure
  • Pursuing media exposure and managing media relationships


Fitness Forward is looking for someone who:

  • Is committed to the FF mission
  • Has a Bachelors degree or further degree
  • Has strong writing and editing skills
  • Has excellent organizational skills and is extremely detail-oriented

To Apply:

Apply through the “Apply Now” part of the original posting.

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