PAID Conservation Internship on Martha’s Vineyard


Get PAID to gain practical experience in land stewardship and ecological restoration!

Spend your summer outdoors as a Conservation Intern working to protect and expand the last, best examples of coastal outwash plain ecosystems, found on Martha’s Vineyard.


“For students that are planning on working with an environmental conservancy organization, this internship is perfect. ” –Past Nature Conservancy Intern

The Summer Conservation Intern will:

  1. Gain practical experience in land stewardship, preserves and facilities management, and restoration;
  2. Learn proper research and monitoring protocols for restoration projects;
  3. Become knowledgeable of the plants and animals endemic to the Sandplains;
  4. Be exposed to The Nature Conservancy’s mission, culture and values.

Housing: TNC houses its seasonal staff on a 90-acre property that contains woodlands, fields, ponds and swamps, and the Islands Program’s native plant nursery, on Martha’s Vineyard free of charge.

See MOJO for more details. Keyword: ‘Nature’

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