Faith and Community Organizing Residency

Got faith?

Want social change?

Interested in a career in community organizing but wondering how to move forward?

That’s what we do.

The Community Organizing Residency (COR) is a six-month, paid residency. COR is for people from different faith backgrounds who want to make community organizing their profession. They will gain social justice experience working with leading organizing groups in New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles, and the San Francisco Bay Area. Organizers bring people together to act on behalf of their shared values and interests, to create more meaning in their lives, and to build a better world. Interweaving relationships, motivation, strategy, and action, they build powerful communities to influence the decision and policies that affect their lives. The residencies will begin July 29, 2010 and end Feb 2, 2011. Residents will receive a salary with health care benefits. To apply, complete an application by April 2, 2010, at

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