Incredible history unfolding on my laptop and Middlebury is THERE!

While many of you are on break from Middelbury, I am sitting in my office on campus in Vermont watching the UN Climate Conference LIVE in Copenhagen.  Right now, Jamie Henn ’07, coordinator, is answering questions from the audience and press about what’s next after COP15.  I also got to watch current Midd student, Ben Wessel ’10, earlier at a different panel discussion talking about synergies with youth from China.  Another Midd siting – here, Kelly Blynn ’07, coordinator, dressed up in a penguin outfit (I think that might also be Emily Adler ’07 disguised as one of the flock as well) singing “It’s Getting Hot in Here!” on the BBC Report.

Amazing stuff.  Too bad the popular press keeps chasing the negative (i.e. the protest arrests) versus what’s going on inside the halls!

Follow history unfolding all this week at:

So incredible…our little corner of Vermont is making lots of heat inside (and outside)!

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