Welcome Language School Faculty & Students

The Middlebury College Bookstore would like to welcome all of the incoming Language School Students and Faculty!

Chinese No English

We have everything all ready for you.  Look for our famous “No English Spoken Here” or “Life doesn’t come with subtitles” Tees, mugs, water bottles and gift items in an assortment of brilliant colors.  This year we have added to the collection of Language School necessary items including backpacks, lanyards, banners, decals, umbrellas and more.

French classroom

Our staff have worked relentlessly to find all the necessary Language School Books to ensure your success this summer!

Portuguese Festa Junina




You will find all your needs met here in the bookstore for all your classroom and dorm room needs as well laundry, electronic, health and beauty needs as well. Even make-up for those fun extra-curricular activities Language Schools include.

Come on in and see what you are missing.

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