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Dorm SuppliesWe are proud to announce that we just recently added JoEllen Felkl to our staff here in the Bookstore.  She is the new “go to” person for our clothing and gift items areas.  JoEllen brings with her some fresh merchandising and marketing ideas.

This new Spring Term brings along more change here in the College Bookstore.  We have created a Suggestions Box along with a survey for students to fill out for items they would like to see in the store that we may not have thought of to carry.


Bath Towels were one of those items we never thought to carry before. So after many suggestions from students, we now offer Bath Towels, Hand Towels, and Washcloths affordably priced.

We have always tried to provide many necessary items that students often do not realize they need.  For instance, some students don’t even think about sheet sets or hangers that are must have items, or that really necessary item like an area rug for dorm room that needs that Area Rugsextra touch.

We have some selections of fun styles in solid colors or vivid print designs that are reasonably priced.

Clip Gooseneck

Some dorms need more lighting so we offer lamps and light bulbs. We carry everything from the needed shower caddy and everything to fill it to alarm clocks and electronic items.

Come in and check it all out….

and don’t forget to bring the parents with you to help you remember all that you need!

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