Change Log

Version 1.5.4

the future

This release refines sidebar visibility code, adds new variation and refines CSS

  • Bug Fix: CSS: fixed css entry h1, h2 and h3 styles so more consistent styles with and without links (2010-03-28 – Alex Chapin)
  • Change: Theme Options UX: Added configurable option to show or hide log in link on blog (2010-03-17 – Alex Chapin)
  • New feature: Variations: added draft variation of Shadowbox series (2010-03-15 – Alex Chapin)

Version 1.5.3


This release refines the theme options model to be more accurate and adds theme options for specifying what sidebars to include in single, author and archive pages. This release also includes refinements in theme css and initialization.

  • New feature: Theme option: added option for setting text alignment of posts to left or justify. (2010-03-19 – Alex Chapin)
  • New feature: Theme option: added options for specifying sidebars to include on tag, category, single past, author and archives pages. (2010-03-14 – Alex Chapin)
  • Change: Views: added bottom bar to all pages. (2010-03-14 – Alex Chapin)
  • Change: Theme Options UX: Add info about widgets in theme model so users can see if a given sidebar has active widgets. (2010-03-14 – Alex Chapin)
  • Change: Theme Options UX: Added page images to theme model and refined so is more like actual tamplates. (2010-03-14 – Alex Chapin)
  • Change: CSS: removed dotted bottom border from sidebar links. (2010-03-12 – Alex Chapin)
  • Change: CSS: Added current-page-item styling to distinguish links to other pages. (2010-03-01 – Alex Chapin)
  • Bug Fix: Theme Options: limited model css so that it didn’t change styles of admin panel (2010-03-04 – Alex Chapin)
  • Change: CSS: added padding to bottom of sidebars. (2010-03-04 – Alex Chapin)
  • Change: Theme Options: refactored how theme options are intialized and reverted so theme model is more accurate and doesn’t need update button after initial selection and after reverting (2010-02-27 – Alex Chapin)

Version 1.5.2


This release refines and updates css to ensure all blog templates display correctly.

  • Change: Theme Options: Added message to users explaining need to update theme options UI to set up default options. (2010-02-22 – Alex Chapin)
  • Change: Theme Options: Changed the name of the theme options page to include theme name. (2010-02-22 – Alex Chapin)
  • New feature: CSS: defined widecolumn and narrowcolumn styles to ensure readability of pages that do not have custom template files. (2010-02-22 – Alex Chapin)
  • Change: Config: added theme name and url to config-sample.php. (2010-02-15 – Alex Chapin)
  • Change: Custom variation: added option to set translucent blog title color on transluence themes. (2010-02-10 – Alex Chapin)
  • Change: CSS: refined CSS for post headers and links. (2010-02-10 – Alex Chapin)
  • Change: Author pages: set limit to number of posts displayed in custom author pages and added navigation links to other pages of posts. (2010-02-10 – Alex Chapin)

Version 1.2.0


This release adds many more theme options including a 2nd right sidebar, opacity levels and header width. The theme options model has been improved to be more accurate. Finally, theme variations are more extensible so new variations can be added without changing function.php.

  • Change: Theme Options UI: reorganized display of theme options so UI is more accurate and easier to use and extend. (2010-02-01 – Alex Chapin)
  • Change: Theme Options: refactored set_primary_options so that options defined in the theme config are processed. (2010-02-01 – Alex Chapin)
  • Change: Theme Variations: refactored set_variation_options so that variations options are included from files in a variations directory (2010-01-27 – Alex Chapin)
  • Change: Theme Options: refactored widget bar options so all widget areas (sidebars, top and bottom bars) and header have same options for color and opacity (2010-01-20 – Alex Chapin)
  • Change: Options: renamed many options to that naming convention is more consistent and extensible. (2010-01-18 – Alex Chapin)
  • Change: Config: added config options for specifying what theme options to include in theme option UI and what variations to enable. (2010-01-18 – Alex Chapin)
  • New feature: Theme Options: added options for setting opacity of left, right, top and bottom bars as well as header. (2010-01-17 – Alex Chapin)
  • New feature: Theme Options: added a revert button to revert theme options to defaults (2010-01-17 – Alex Chapin)
  • New feature: Widgets: added area for 2nd right sidebar (2010-01-17 – Alex Chapin)

Version 1.1.0


This release adds more RSS links to various pages of theme, custom author pages, new options for header height and blog title text position. Also added configuration file for saving custom header image files and header left meta options.

  • Change: Display: changed how archive titles are displayed. (2009-11-11 – Alex Chapin)
  • Change: Options: changed sidebar title color derivative option to be determined by sidebar color. (2009-11-1 – Alex Chapin)
  • New feature: Configuration: added a config option for default header image. (2009-10-17 – Alex Chapin)
  • Change: Options: changed header text option to include position of the blog title and description within the header block or hide (top, middlebury, bottom, hide). (2009-11-1 – Alex Chapin)
  • New feature: Options: added an primary option for setting the height of the header block. (2009-11-1 – Alex Chapin)
    (reported by Shel Sax)
  • New feature: Configuration: added a config-sample file that can be saved as config.php and used by blog admins to set default theme options. (2009-10-17 – Alex Chapin)
  • New feature: Documentation: added docs directory with changelog files (2009-10-4 – Alex Chapin)
  • New feature: Aggregation: added custom author pages and links to these from post attribution line (2009-10-4 – Alex Chapin)
  • New feature: RSS: added links to category and tag RSS feeds in the archive view (2009-10-2 – Alex Chapin)
  • Change: Comments: changed the color of text in comments field from gray to black for better usability. (2009-10-6 – Alex Chapin)
    (reported by Mike Roy)

Version 1.0.2


First release of ShadowBox WordPress Theme

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