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Basic Bicycle Maintenance – next Learning Lunch


Friday, October 7, 2011


Bike Shop in Adirondack Basement

Back by popular demand!


Whether you have just recently purchased a bicycle or you are just taking your bicycle out of storage for the year, it is useful, fun and economical to know how to do your own bicycle maintenance work.  This Learning Lunch will cover everything from changing flat bicycle tires to adjusting bicycle derailleurs.  Get acquainted with the fundamentals of bicycle maintenance and repair by dissecting a bicycle and learning how to put it back together in working order. Cris DiOrio ‘12, student manager of the bike shop on campus, will share his expertise on all things bike-related!


Please join us and feel free to bring your lunch.  Please post for your colleagues who do not have easy access to email.


Next Learning Lunch – the “new” Davis Family Library

Staff Council’s Learning Lunch on June 22nd will be an introduction (or re-introduction) to the Davis Family Library for staff and faculty.

Those of us who work in the Library have been surprised to learn that many staff members are not aware that they can use the Library’s resources just as students and faculty can. We are offering this Learning Lunch not only to help make staff aware of some of these resources, but also showcase what’s new in the Davis Family Library now that the contents of the former Music Library are here. There is also a new search method for finding answers to your research needs, and more!

Please join us as Brenda Ellis shows us what’s new (and not so new) about the Davis Family Library and its resources!

Wednesday, June 22, noon until 1pm
Room 145 of Davis Family Library

A specific example of the new compensation plan

Attached is a spreadsheet that shows how an employee’s salary that is currently at the minimum, midpoint, and maximum of a specific job level – Operations 3 – will change over time. Three scenarios are shown – the current plan, the proposed plan, and the maximum under the proposed plan, but without a cap.
Compensation Example OP3 (4)

This was done in preparation for MCSC’s Executive Committee’s meeting with the Conference Committe of the Board of Trustees. And it relates to this post on Tim Spears’ blog.

Tuition reimbursement – reduced employment period to qualify

The following is from Naomi Neff, Representative from District A:

Members of Staff Council wish to extend a big thank you to President Ron Liebowitz for his quick response to our request to look into the waiting period for tuition grants for dependent children of employees. President Liebowitz acknowledged that this was an area that had been identified as one to review and assured us that he would pursue our request. In less than 2 months we were thrilled to receive news that the policy had been amended to the following:

Effective 7/1/11, the dependent children of employees who have worked at the College for at least 4 full-time years will be eligible to receive tuition grants.  Currently, benefits-eligible employees/parents must have worked at the College for at least 10 full-time years to qualify for this program.

We continue to meet with President Liebowitz and he is always looking for areas of interest to staff. The above shows that he really is listening! Any requests or suggestions that staff would like us to bring to his attention, please contact your district representative or post your ideas on this blog.