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Is America Really Polarized? About That Pew Report…

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Amid more than a little fanfare, the Pew Research Center released the result of its most recent survey of Americans’ political values based on responses from more than 10,000 adults polled between January and March of this year. Its conclusion? … Continue reading

Reunion ’14: Tell Us One Thing

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We asked alumni returning to celebrate Reunion to tell us one thing they just had to see when they came back to Middlebury.


More “Tell Us One Thing” videos.


Hillary Clinton on Gay Marriage: “I Think I’m An American!”

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Will Hillary Clinton’s evolving views on legalizing gay marriage hurt her presidential prospects?  Probably not. Clinton is taking heat for her “contentious” and “testy” exchange with NPR host Terry Gross yesterday regarding her evolving support for legalizing gay marriage.  Clinton’s … Continue reading

Freaky Friday the 13th Sale

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Five Wrong Lessons From the Vox’s “11 Political Lessons From Eric Cantor’s Loss”

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Political punditry – the art of expressing instant commentary on political events in an authoritative manner – has never been for the faint of heart. But the task has grown both more competitive and more public with the growth of … Continue reading

No, That’s Not Why Cantor Lost, and That’s Not What It Signifies

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No, that’s probably not why Eric Cantor lost, and no, that’s not what we should conclude from his loss. To all of you who were lurking in the twitterverse last night, I apologize if I seemed to take a bit … Continue reading

The Bergdahl Dispute Is A Constitutional Issue More than A Partisan One

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The ongoing dispute regarding the Taliban-Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl prisoner exchange is not only, or even primarily, a partisan fight. It is a constitutional argument, but one that will be decided (if at all!) not by a legal process, but by … Continue reading