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Sunday Shorts: Why Is This President Smiling, and What Have Millennials Really Learned?

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Jack Goodman is constantly urging me to write more frequent, but shorter blog posts. In response, I’m introducing a new Sunday blog format, provisionally titled Sunday Shorts, that will touch briefly on political topics that I could not fit in … Continue reading

Are Americans Becoming More Liberal?

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Politico magazine has published a slightly revised version of my earlier post analyzing the highly publicized Pew Research Center survey that so many media outlets portrayed as evidence that we are living in “the divided United States of America”. (Note: … Continue reading

Save Some Green

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The College Bookstore offers even more savings!

Save some GreenThese Extra Savings are off prices shown and will show up at Register on receipt!!


Home Is Where The Political Heart Is – Or Is It?

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Jack Goodman, consumer of all things political and purveyor of great blog post ideas, recently sent me the link to this entertaining exercise hosted by the Washingtonian magazine that attempts to determine where you should live based on your politics. … Continue reading

Welcoming Language Schools!

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Welcome Language School Students, Faculty and Staff!

Chinese No English

You will find a colorful array of Water bottles, Tees, and Travel Mugs with the “No English Spoken Here” logo of our language schools.

No English Spoken Here

No English Spoken Here

Nesh Umbrella

Look for Coffee Mugs, Totes, Pennants and Decals with a Language School logo as well.

We meet all of your dorm and classrooms needs with a large selection of supplies.

You won’t need to go elsewhere for rugs, towels, pillows, towels -

or even bright “No English Spoken Here” Umbrellas!

We will have special Saturday and Sunday Hours during the beginning of 8 Week, 7 Week, and 6 Week Language School Sessions.

Is America Really Polarized? About That Pew Report…

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Amid more than a little fanfare, the Pew Research Center released the result of its most recent survey of Americans’ political values based on responses from more than 10,000 adults polled between January and March of this year. Its conclusion? … Continue reading

Reunion ’14: Tell Us One Thing

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We asked alumni returning to celebrate Reunion to tell us one thing they just had to see when they came back to Middlebury.


More “Tell Us One Thing” videos.