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Obama, Gun Control, and the Limits to Executive Action

President Obama is expected to formally announce today that he will pursue executive action design to expand background checks on some guns purchases. Obama’s decision has been described by media outlets as a way of sidestepping a Congress that has opposed enacting more stringent gun control legislation. Predictably, the President’s decision to act “unilaterally” has […]

Notes From the Campaign Trail: Fiorina Hopes There’s Room For A Second Act

Are there second acts in American politics? Back at the end of September, Carly Fiorina’s political star appeared to be on the rise. After what most viewed as a dominating performance in the debate among second-tier Republican candidates, Fiorina was promoted to the big stage for the second major Republican debate, and again she received […]

Notes from the Campaign Trail: Why Won’t These Candidates Quit?

Two nights ago the Vermont and New Hampshire Republican Party county committees held a joint fundraiser in Lebanon, N.H. featuring many of the Republican presidential candidates or their representatives and, as part of my ongoing series chronicling the presidential campaign, your intrepid blogger shelled out $35 to attend the candidate forum. Since the event was […]