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Apply Today: Flex Fund Review Committee

official-flex-fund-logoThe Service Cluster Board is accepting applications to serve on the 2016-2017 Flex Fund Review Committee!

Download the application here.

Application deadline: Tuesday, September 27th

Submit application via email to scboard@middlebury.edu. 

The Service Cluster Board Flex Fund provides funding for individuals, ad-hoc groups, teams, and official student organizations to carry out volunteer service. The Committee works with the SCB Co-Coordinators in order to review and approve applications grounded in service. Examples of previously funded initiatives are: transportation to teach a foreign language at Monkton Elementary, service trips during winter and spring breaks, and dinners at a local homeless shelter.

Responsibilities of SCB Flex Fund Review Committee Members include:

  1. Review funding requests from individual students, ad-hoc groups and student organizations for community service projects.
  2. Attend fall and spring trainings.
  3. Respond to funding requests via email within 24 hours.
  4. Attend Review Committee meetings during the semester.

Please Note: Although the Flex Fund Review Committee will meet intermittently during the semester, much of the Review Committee communication regarding applications will be conducted electronically. It is crucial that potential candidates are diligent about responding to e-mails.

Benefits of being an SCB Flex Fund Review Committee Member:

  1. Ability to help positively impact the community by empowering new service initiatives.
  2. Gain advising/program coordination experience by reviewing applications and programming.
  3. Gain budget management experience by balancing and dispersing funds from a $5,700 discretionary budget.

Criteria for Applicants:

  1. Passion for volunteer service.
  2. Ability to be responsive to applications within 24 to 48 hours.
  3. Ability to adhere to the Flex Fund philosophy and goals through sound decisions on funding initiatives.

WomenSafe Volunteer Training – Begins 9/21


WomenSafe is now accepting applications for volunteers! Help to make your community a more just and safe place to live.

WomenSafe is a community organization that serves people across the gender spectrum who experience sexual violence, domestic violence and stalking. Volunteer your time, talents and energy for tasks like answering the hotline, speaking to community groups, assisting in planning events or helping with administrative duties. The organization is also seeking volunteers to help educate and raise awareness, assist with court advocacy and childcare as well as monitor supervised visitation.

Mark your calendars! The annual training begins September 21, 2016.

For more information or an application, call 802-388-9180 or email info@womensafe.net.

The application can also be found online.


Why Clinton Supporters Shouldn’t Panic

First the bad news for Clinton supporters.  The national polls have indisputably tightened since Clinton’s peak post-convention bounce in early August.  On August 8, the HuffPost aggregate polling had her up by 8.4%, 48.3%-39.9% over Trump, consistent with pundits’ predictions that this would be a blowout election.  As of today, however, her aggregate lead is down […]

Who Do You Trust: The Polls or the Forecast Models?

It’s nearly Labor Day, the traditional kickoff to the stretch run of the presidential election.  It’s also the time when political scientists begin unveiling the result of their presidential election forecast models.  Some of these represent preliminary snapshots of the race, pending final third-quarter economic results and other data, but to the extent that the […]

Hospice Volunteer Training – Begins 9/15

Share your compassionate self through Hospice Volunteer Service. Training takes place each Thursday for 10 weeks, beginning 9/15.

From Priscilla:

Attached is a poster for our upcoming 30 hour hospice volunteer training class that will meet on Thursdays, 5:30-8:30pm, September 15 – November 17, at the Hospice Volunteer Services offices in the Marble Works.  Any student interested in becoming a patient care volunteer, or simply wants to learn more about this opportunity, should contact me directly. 

We really like to have at least a couple students in the fall community training.  Once finished, the student will be certified to be a patient care volunteer with those in our community facing the end of life (in their homes and care facilities).  This is a great opportunity for students to learn about end of life, modern hospice and palliative care, and meet people who are in the trenches, doing hospice work.  And they’ll get to know some wonderful community members in the class. 

Reach out to Priscilla Baker, pbaker@hospicevs.org to learn more.

Hospice 2016 poster