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Get Your iPhone through the Bookstore now!

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Now you can get your new iPhone through the Bookstore

You can also get the Apple BTS Promotional Gift Card with it

now until September 9th.


The Declaration of Independence

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Is Obama the Worst Modern President? Take Two

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Conservative pundits such as the Wall St. Journal’s Peggy Noonan continue to cite the recent Quinnipiac poll as evidence that Obama is perhaps the worst president to have served during the last seven decades. For reasons I discussed in my … Continue reading

Is Obama the Worst President of the Modern Era?

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I’ve received several requests to post something about this Quinnipiac survey of American adults released yesterday in which  33% of respondents say Barack Obama is the worst president among the 12 who have served since World War II. That tops … Continue reading

Apple Back-to-School Promotion

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Back-to-School Apple Promotion

Sunday Shorts: Abramson, Pew and the Fabulous Baker Boy

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Howard Baker, the three-term Republican Senator from Tennessee, died last week at age 88. He was remembered, and deservedly so, as “the great conciliator” who in his eight years as the Republican Senate leader (including four as majority leader) forged … Continue reading