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Live Blogging the Republican Debate

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The Donald, Debates and Those Smug Political Scientists

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It has become increasingly clear to me that beyond the uptick he has caused in their respective audiences, political pundits are enjoying Donald Trump’s ascendancy in the polls not least because they believe it exposes political scientists’ inability to explain the 2015-16 presidential electoral dynamics. As @JGreenDC recently tweeted, “[t]he most pleasurable part of this […]

Apply today: SCB Coordinators!

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Interested in being a Community Engagement Student Staff Member? 
Apply to be an SCB Coordinator!
Do you plan on working for non-profits over the summer or after college? Do you have the skills to watch the bigger picture as well as track important details? The Service Cluster Board is the student-run advisory umbrella for the nearly twenty campus organizations and continuing initiatives who do service in the Addison County community. We are currently accepting applications for a 2015-2016 coordinator. Coordinators work paid weekly hours in the Community Engagement Office to fulfill their responsibilities and should be available through Fall 2016. If you’re interested, fill out an application and mail it to scboard@middlebury.edu by Sunday Nov. 8th! Questions? Email scboard@middlebury.edu.

Student Org Profile: The Charter House

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kiana charter

Charter House Coalition was founded in 2005 in response to critical food and housing needs in Addison County. Its programs have expanded quickly since then. We now have a volunteer base of over 750 community members contributing 23,000 hours of service every year.

My time at the Charter House has been one of the highlights of my Middlebury experience.  The different programs they have allow for a wide range of volunteer opportunities and give volunteers the opportunity to see how different issues such as food and housing insecurity connect.  This past summer I was able to work in the Charter House gardens working with community members to grow food for free community meals.  During the winter  I enjoy helping cook and sharing  meals with those staying at the shelter that night.  I always look forward to my time volunteering at the Charter because it almost always involves sitting down and sharing a meal  and conversation with people.  By volunteering and working with people outside of the college community I have been able to engage with issues of poverty in a way that you cannot learn in a classroom.  Being able to work with people struggling with issues of homelessness and food insecurity directly, to hear their stories and to have conversation with them have been my most valuable learning experiences.  There is so much Middlebury students can learn by engaging with people outside of the college community. –Kiana Cateriano ‘15.5

To learn more about volunteer opportunities, contact Kiana at acateriano@middlebury.edu or Clare Donohue-Meyer at cdonohuemeyer@middlebury.edu. 


Stock up before Winter!

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Joe Biden Is Still Not Running For President

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Vice President Joe Biden’s announcement a few moments ago that he is not running for president should surprise no one. Pundits, desperate to derail the Clinton coronation, held out hope that by entering the race Biden’s candidacy would at least create the semblance of contest for the Democratic presidential nomination. But as I told The […]

Professor and author: Nicolas Roussellier’s latest publication

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Professor Nicolas Roussellier

Professor Nicolas Roussellier has recently published a book entitled La force de gouverner: Le pouvoir éxecutif en France, XIXe -XXIe siècles;  or in English:  The strength to govern: Executive power in France, 19th- 21st centuries.  Roussellier’s book retraces, from 1870 to present day, how France finds itself with its present government in light of the fact that at their origins, modern political regimes aimed to weaken governmental powers and reduce executive power.  Roussellier explores this paradox found in the “republican tradition”, that is to say that the republican spirit of today is the exact opposite of the former republican spirit and therefore, historically speaking, there has not only been one French Republic, but two.  Roussellier also analyzes the modernization of the French government and its inability to preserve its parliamentary tradition in doing so, and how then, as a result, it passed from one institutional imbalance to another, an imbalance for which France pays heavily each day. (translation of excerpt from Gallimard summary)

M. Roussellier will be making several media appearances to discuss his book.  You can find the schedule below.  If you miss the airings, you can visit these websites to get caught up!


-Monday 19 October on Radio Notre-Dame, show entitled: « Décryptage » de Philippe Delaroche, 18h00 à 19h10  (6pm-7:10pm)

Radio Notre Dame


-Saturday 24 October on France Culture, show entitled: « La suite dans les idées » de Sylvain Bourmeau, 13h30 à 14h00   (1:30pm-2pm)

France Culture


-Thursday 5 November on Fréquence Protestante, show entitled: « L’esprit de la réforme » de Frédérick Casadesus, 13h-14h  (1pm-2pm)

Fréquence Prostéstante

-Wednesday 11 November on France Inter, show entitled: « La Marche de l’Histoire » de Jean Lebrun, 13h30 à 14h30  (1:30pm-2:30pm)

France Inter


To read more about and/or buy his book, see the site below: