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Does the Ebola Czar Wear Any Clothes?

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Ron Klain formally stepped into his new job as Ebola “czar” today as media reports provided a few more details regarding the extent of his authority. Predictably, conservatives, who had been pushing Obama to appoint someone to take the lead in coordinating the government response to the Ebola outbreak, criticized Klain’s appointment, with some calling […]

Tom the Record Man

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Tom the Record Man is back!!

He will be on campus- Thursday, October 23rd  9:00 – 5:00 - Proctor Terrace

Tom Record Man

Tom has an amazing assortment of Vinyl Records to choose from of various artist and genres!

Come in to see what you can add to your collection.


Tom Record Man2


Tom brings with him a collection of vintage clothing so you can find that article you just need to have for that retro look.

HAPPENING THIS WEEK! Calling all students! Several Opportunities to get involved in the Middlebury Community!

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Welcome back from Fall Break! Engagement opportunities happening this week are in bold italics!!!!!!!!   Assessing Community Impact How does your community-connected service, learning and research impact the community within which you work?  What is the impact on you?  How do your know when your actions lead to developed capacity or whether they contribute to […]

As New Hampshire Goes?

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There is no Senate race here in my home state of Vermont this year, and our lone House member Democrat Peter Welch appears poised to cruise to reelection against a slate of largely unknown candidates. However, there are important races going on either side of the Green Mountain state in upstate New York and in […]

Homecoming Trunk Show!

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The Bookstore will be open Saturday from 9am-5pm and Sunday from 9am-3pm. Come by and join us for the Trunk Show over this Homecoming weekend!20141014_135232


The Amateur Politician

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In Vermont, anyone can run for Governor, and they frequently do. I was reminded of this after watching last Thursday’s gubernatorial debate  which put all seven candidates on the same dais for the first time. It was quite a show!  You can watch it here (hit the “featured” button at the top and scroll down […]

Dear Nate Silver: IT’S NOT MY FAULT!

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Once again I am reminded of the power – both good and bad – of social media. My post today discussing the results from the latest Senate forecast models is up here at U.S. News.  I should point out that I very much appreciate the opportunity to post there – it enables me to reach […]