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American Museum of Natural History Research and Education Helen Fellowship

The BridgeUP: STEM program at the AMNH is excited to announce that the application for the Helen Fellowship is now open. This fellowship is a one-year residency for post-baccalaureate women to devote time immersed in computational scientific research and educational outreach at the AMNH. This fellowship is an initiative at the AMNH dedicated to increasing the diversity of the talent pipeline by providing underrepresented students access to the skills and tools required for the 21st Century.

To learn more about the fellowship and the application process, visit  https://www.amnh.org/learn-teach/adults/bridgeup-stem/helen-fellowship.

BridgeUP: STEM is focused on the intersection of computer science and science. This portfolio of programs includes:

  • tuition-free intensive 3-year Brown Scholars program for high school girls
  • introductory middle school institutes covering a range of computational topics, like climate change (full-tuition scholarships are available; email institutes@amnh.org for more information)
  • the Helen Fellowship, a one-year post-baccalaureate fellowship for women
  • an annual overnight hackathon in November for professional developers addressing computational challenges in a given scientific discipline

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Throwback Thursday: Zach Schuetz


Some of the employees working within the libraries once had other roles and separate affiliations with Middlebury. Follow their (r)evolutions on the first Thursday of every month this semester.

Name: Zach Schuetz  

Former Role(s) on Campus: Class of 2011, Japanese Major, Linguistics Minor; Japanese Language School 2009

Current Role on Campus: Senior Technology Specialist; Advisor, Xenia Social House

When was this photo taken? Fall 2008, at the Quidditch World Cup (then hosted in Middlebury.)

What were you doing in this photo?

Just observing, though in other years I competed or performed with the Mountain Ayres for the halftime show.

How have things changed in your life since then? I’ve gained a lot of perspective on what I want out of life and what I’m willing to do to get there. For example, I love teaching, so at the time I was planning to be a college professor. But I’m not that excited about doing original research, so instead I found a position where I still get to teach and answer questions, but in a less formal setting, and without the stress of grad school and adjunct hell.

What hasn’t? I still speak Japanese sometimes, and I still enjoy watching anime, playing tabletop games, and attending events at Xenia. I also wear my wizard hat to work on special occasions.

What’s your favorite thing about your job? The satisfaction of solving a difficult puzzle, helping students and faculty do all the awesome things they do (both in an IT context and at Xenia), and getting to live and work in the wonderful community at Midd.

What is on the horizon? Getting more involved with the community and seeking social and romantic opportunities here and in Burlington. Paying off student loans and saving up for a down payment on a house so I can start to think about settling down.

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LOTS of Great Internships with IBM Posted in HANDSHAKE

At IBM they have an amazing opportunity to transform the world with cognitive technology.  By using the vast amounts of information available today to identify new patterns and make new discoveries, they are helping cities become smarter, hospitals transform patient care, financial institutions minimize risk, and pharmaceuticals find cures for rare diseases.  Join the forward-thinking teams at IBM solving some of the world’s most complex problems – there is no better place to grow your career!

How This NASA Artist Is Merging Science And Art

Artist Sasha Samochina works at NASA JPL Mission Control.

Sasha Samochina has a really cool job. She’s an immersive visualization producer at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, where she creates interactive experiences to help scientists and engineers share their work with the public. In this Forbes PODCAST episode of The Limit Does Not Exist you’ll hear about Sasha’s “last-minute” choice to go to art school and the lightbulb moment at the Field Museum that led her to merge her love of art and science. Get ready for inspiration, realness and a whole bunch of rad resources.

10 Fastest Growing Jobs in the U.S. – all in STEM Fields!

The most recent Occupational Outlook Handbook, recently released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), breaks down how jobs will grow over the next decade. Below are the top 10 occupations that are predicted to grow the fastest in the next 10 years (read the full CNBC article by Courtney Connley here):

  1. Solar photovoltaic installers

  2. Wind turbine service technicians

  3. Home health aides

  4. Personal care aides

  5. Physician assistants

  6. Nurse practictioners

  7. Statisticians

  8. Physical therapists assistants

  9. Software developers, applications

  10. Mathematicians

Winter Term Digital Health Intern at Grit Digital Health

Grit Digital Health is a human-centric business comprised of specialists in behavioral health, wellness, technology and marketing communications. In the world of mental health, transcending barriers like stigma and access allow people to get the support they need, when they need it. Technology has the power to establish a new set of norms on the fundamental ways people connect to information and to each other. It’s the type of convergence that empowers individuals to make their lives and the lives of those around them healthier and grittier.

Grit developed the YOU student well-being portal to better the overall health, wellness, and success of college students. YOU is an online tool to help college students succeed in the areas of: academic and career success; physical and mental health; and finding meaningful connections and purpose on campus both in and out of the classroom. The internship is an ideal fit for students interested in psychology, health promotion, journalism, and entrepreneurship.

They have posted TWO positions in Handshake:

Software Engineering Summer Intern at BookBub

BookBub is one of the fastest-growing consumer tech startups in Boston. Millions of readers use BookBub every day to discover great books, and our service helps thousands of leading publishers and authors drive sales and find new fans. We’re constantly growing our team to launch new consumer-facing book discovery features, tools for authors and publishers, and other web and mobile products that address the digital transition of the publishing industry.

Our engineering philosophy

We’re seeking enthusiastic, intellectually curious, and hardworking college juniors with diverse skillsets and backgrounds to join our engineering team for an internship during summer 2018.

Each intern will work with closely with our full-time engineers on small 2-4 person teams, which have the autonomy to uncover the best solutions to our toughest challenges. We lean heavily on automation and continuous deployment to ensure we’re constantly getting rapid feedback from our users, and follow the approach of starting small, shipping often, and deferring unnecessary complexity.

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