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Summer Scene: Life in Two Languages

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There’s never a dull moment for Middlebury Language Schools bilingual assistants — even if at times they might wish for a few. On any given day, they’re planning special events, coaching sports, setting up concerts, or solving myriad problems that help students stick to the famous language pledge: No English Spoken Here!  And through all of it, they transition seamlessly between the school’s language and English (where allowed, of course). Middlebury Magazine caught up with Joe Tamagni, a bilingual for the Italian School, to get a taste of his hectic pace and why he loves it so much!

Summer Scene: Campus Beauty

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Middlebury’s fickle summer weather is captured dramatically — and beautifully — in this time lapse of campus scenes. This is a debut piece for Matt Lennon ’13, who recently joined the college communications office as a graduate intern.

Summer Scene: Bread Loaf School of English

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On a beautiful July afternoon, we asked students at Middlebury’s Bread Loaf School of English in Vermont to tell us what course they were most excited about this summer. Some had a hard time choosing, but there was no shortage of enthusiasm. Here’s what they told us: