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Apply for the “Rise & Walk” Walking Initiative Internship with Porter Medical Center!

Application deadline is March 20, 2020.

Goal: Develop “Rise & Walk” walking groups throughout Addison County.
Background: RiseVT is a Vermont-based primary prevention initiative focused on helping communities embrace healthy lifestyles. Our local Addison County RiseVT Program has 3 broad goals: 1. To increase physical activity, especially walking 2. Increase access and education around nutritious foods 3. Foster a sense of neighborliness among residents, decreasing isolation. As part of our quest to increase physical activity, especially, walking, among residents, we introduce “Rise and Walk”.  

Tasks and responsibilities:

ResearchWalkable Communities in Addison County

23 Addison County Communities:

  • Research and develop .5 and 1.0 mile and 2.0 mile walking routes
  • Produce Rise and Walk Map for each community


  • Safety of walking routes
  • Feasibility of walking within the community, with or without added safety measures
  • Difficulty of route
  • Readiness of communities to host walking initiatives

Student may work in conjunction with the Addison County Regional Planning Commission to research individual Town Plans, and with the Middlebury Recreation Department 

Other General Research:

  • Components of successful community walking groups
  • Safety and liability concerns and procedures

Development of Active “Rise & Walk” Walking Groups within Addison County

  • Meet with Town Clerk and other Town officials to enlist collaboration on Walking project, RiseVT Walking groups, walking events
  • Choose 1- 3 communities most ready for a regular walking program
  • Delineate town demographics in order to determine types of walking groups/routes, Older Adult walks, Stroller groups 
  • Organize communications through social media and local resources to promote walking group
  • Produce “Rise and Walk” template in order to replicate walking groups in other communities
  • Identify local champions willing to be hands-on in leading walking groups
  • Set monthly schedule of local group walks, publicize using social media and other local options
  • Schedule educational/informational talks prior to walks to increase participation
  • Increase RiseVT and UVMHN PMC brand recognition, through cooperation and
  • collaboration with local officials and other businesses, groups and entities
  • Participate in local Rise & Walk Middlebury, on Tuesdays at 5:15 as available.

This internship is funded with a CCI award of $3,000.00. If you are offered and accept this internship, please be aware that your funding for this position is provided by CCI, and therefore you will be required to complete funded internship paperwork.

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These Post-Grad Programs with AstraZeneca Expire Soon!

Don’t Wait – Apply Today on Handshake!

Data Science & AI Graduate ProgramExpires January 17, 2020

Your two-year programme comprises of 3 eight month rotations where you’ll apply your developing skills and experience to help us overcome challenges in some of our active research projects. Your first rotation will be selected to reflect your skills and interests and allows you to get an introduction to drug discovery, and how we harness the potential of Data Science, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. Your following two rotations will be self selected to reflect your development and interests.
Your placements will help you develop your technical skills and industry knowledge, and on our Global Graduate Development Programme you’ll develop the interpersonal and business skills that will set you up for success.

Throughout the programme you’ll work alongside our experts, and take advantage of our close collaborations with leading international academic institutions and organisations to deliver work with real impact.

Placements could involve…

  • Applying the latest techniques in machine learning and artificial intelligence to preclinical data from drug projects to help detect and understand safety risks and guide the development of new medicines. Exciting work which could also help us refine, reduce and replace animal experiments
  • Combining innovative de novo molecule design methodologies utilizing state-of-the-art artificial intelligent technologies with chemistry automation to design novel molecules of therapeutic interest
  • Working with our Quantitative Clinical Pharmacology and Data Science and AI Teams to optimizing clinical development programs using Bayesian statistic and machine learning modelling
  • Developing Bayesian machine learning models for predicting the mechanism and probability of drug toxicity in liver, heart, and other organs. Incorporating existing knowledge of causal relationships and toxicity mechanisms into the prediction problem, and applying Bayesian models to account for uncertainty to improve predictions
  • Contributing to challenging projects using advanced Machine Learning models to improve drug discovery by generating testable hypotheses about targets, predicting compound properties, automating complex decision-making processes, and turning data into knowledge
  • Applying Artificial Intelligence to integrated electronic health records and genomic data to optimize clinical trial design, generate comparative effectiveness evidence, and help improve patient outcomes
  • Working with our Data & Analytics Team to identify, assess and recommend the most innovative external partners, and high impact AI technologies. Writing algorithms to support next generation natural language processing, and optimising code to enable powerful predictive models to be used across AstraZeneca.

As a Data Sciences and AI Graduate you’ll discover how we’re pioneering more open innovation, and actively sharing knowledge and ideas to make the next scientific breakthrough.

Qualifications and Skills Required:

  • Highly numerate with a strong Maths, Physics, Statistics or Computer Science focused Bachelors or Masters level qualification gained in 2019 or due in 2020
  • A postgraduate qualification in Data Science, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Computational Biology, Computational Chemistry, Bioinformatics or Cheminformatics would be advantageous, but is not essential
  • Innovative thinking, with enthusiasm, energy and drive
  • Open-minded, and ready to embrace new ideas and different perspectives
  • Strong critical thinking, planning, organisational and time management skills
  • Ability to work as part of a collaborative team that focuses unequivocally on patient needs.

Research &Development (R&D) Graduate ProgramExpires January 17, 2020

We’re looking for talented science graduates from a broad range of science disciplines with a Bachelors or Masters degree, who have graduated in 2019, or are due to graduate in 2020. We are particularly looking for those individuals who have a passion for science. 

  • This is a two-year programme and includes three individual eight-month placements through different areas of R&D, providing a broad exposure to multiple areas of basic and applied scientific research 
  • You’ll be encouraged to make a real contribution to our projects from day one. You’ll find yourself involved in the design and development of new drug projects, which have the potential to be the next generation of life-saving medicines, right from the start of your career 
  • Graduates are enrolled in our Global Graduate Development Programme where we focus on the softer skills
  • Graduates are also aligned to a mentor who is a full time member of the organisation and will support you for the duration of the programme
  • You can expect a competitive salary and benefits
  • We offer all graduates generous relocation support, if required, including Swedish language lessons for graduates relocating to Sweden. 

What does the programme involve? 

The R&D Graduate Programme will give you broad experience of the drug discovery process by immersing you in real science, giving you responsibility on real projects from the outset and providing ongoing mentoring. The programme includes three rotations, which you can choose from an extensive range of placements, allowing you to tailor your development to your passion – whether this is in chemistry, molecular biology, biochemistry, pharmacology or another branch of science. And as well as building your scientific knowledge, we’ll help you to develop ‘soft’ skills  which will help you in your career progression.Wherever you’re based, you’ll be working with colleagues who are true experts, as well as with academic institutions and like-minded scientific companies. You’ll discover how we’re pioneering more open innovation, and actively sharing knowledge and ideas to make the next scientific breakthrough.The programme provides a springboard to great things for your future career. Through the rotations you are given an excellent opportunity to explore different areas of science which will help you to define your research interests. You will be completing novel and cutting-edge research which you could end up presenting at conferences or getting published in academic journals. Following completion of the programme over half of the graduates choose to continue their development by moving on to study for a PhD in their chosen field, whilst some manage to secure roles within the industry. What will you achieve?

Essential requirements 

What we’re looking for: 

  • Science graduates with a minimum of a 2:1 (UK) / GPA 3 (US) / VG Grade (Sweden) or local equivalent Bachelor’s degree or Masters gained in 2019 or 2020.
  • Bright, motivated and highly driven individuals with a real passion for drug development .
  • Innovative thinkers with enthusiasm and energy to match their scientific expertise.
  • Ability to work as part of a collaborative team that focuses unequivocally on patient needs. 
  • Strong critical thinking, stakeholder management, planning, organisational and time management skills.

Looking for a Summer Research Position? Check This Out!

Apply on Handshake – Application deadline is February 16, 2020

Summer Research Assistant at The Ohio State University

The Center for Emergent Materials (CEM) engages researchers from multiple disciplines to work in teams on scientific problems too complex for a single researcher to solve.

CEM has three Interdisciplinary Research Groups:
IRG-1: Spin-Orbit Coupling in Correlated Materials: Novel Phases and PhenomenaIRG-1 is creating novel materials designed to tune the delicate interplay between electron correlations arising from Coulomb interactions and spin-orbit interactions that are enhanced in heavier elements. Their focus is on 5d materials where tuning by chemistry, structure and epitaxial strain enables topological phases, quantum phase transitions and novel magnetism.

IRG-2: Control of 2D Electronic Structure and 1D Interfaces by Surface Functionalization of Group IV Graphane AnaloguesIRG-2 is creating new materials: single atom thick 2D materials reminiscent of graphene but composed of heavier group IV atoms. These allow tuning of electronic properties by covalently attaching surface species to enable novel electronic phases and spin physics. Spatially-patterning in 2D creates the exciting possibility of novel 1D interfaces.

IRG-3: Nonlinear Interactions Between Spin Flux and Engineered Magnetic TexturesIRG-3 is pushing spin transport studies into the nonlinear regime with a program that aims to understand spin fluxes interacting with magnetic textures. Nonlinear response could move beyond diffusive spin currents to enable novel approaches to spin manipulation and control for next generation spintronics.

Students will participate in professional development activities focusing on preparing for graduate school and research related careers. They will also participate in peer networking and social activities. Successful REU applicants will be paired with a faculty mentor from a core CEM department (Physics, Materials Science & Engineering, Electrical & Computer Engineering, and Chemistry) and will perform experimental or computational research projects aligned with CEM focal areas.

This 10-WEEK UNDERGRADUATE RESEARCH PROGRAM includes a stipend of $5000, reasonable travel costs, and housing (dorm room – two people per room). Participants have access to OSU library and COTA bus transportation.

Please see http://cem.osu.edu/reu to apply!

Rocket Launches, Trips to Mars and More 2020 Space and Astronomy Events

If you follow space news and astronomy, the past year offered no shortage of highlights. Astronomers provided humanity’s first glimpse of a black hole. China landed on the moon’s far side. And the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing inspired us to look ahead to our future in space.

The year to come will be no less eventful:

  • No fewer than four missions to Mars could leave Earth this summer.
  • NASA may finally launch astronauts into orbit aboard capsules built by SpaceX and Boeing.
  • We expect to learn more secrets about the interstellar comet Borisov.
  • And private companies are working to demonstrate new abilities in space.

However much you love space and astronomy, it can be challenging to keep up with the latest news in orbit and beyond. That’s why we’ve put dates for some of these events on The Times’s Astronomy and Space Calendar, which has been updated for 2020. Subscribe on your personal digital calendar to be automatically synced with our updates all year long. (We promise not to collect any personal information from your private calendar when you sign up.)

Excerpt taken from Michael Roston’s New York Times article. Read the entire article here.

Passionate about CS and Intelligence? Apply to this New Amazon Posting!

2020 Systems Engineer

Do you like helping U.S. Intelligence Community agencies implement innovative cloud computing solutions and solve technical problems? Would you like to do this using the latest cloud computing technologies? Do you have a knack for helping these groups understand application architectures and integration approaches, and the consultative and leadership skills to launch a project on a trajectory to success?

Amazon is looking for Systems Engineers to deploy, support, sustain, and grow the software systems that build, scale, monitor, secure, manage, and automate one of world’s largest networks. The systems team will drive the stability and sustainability of these next-generation network software systems and discover innovative ways to scale and operate them reliably as we expand. In this role, you will work with network, systems and software engineers to create proactive engineering mechanisms that will enable your team to manage the health of a number of distributed specialized Linux server fleets and the software stacks that run on them. You will deploy and monitor the systems and automation to ensure that regional tooling is operating optimally. You will utilize trends and metrics to identify opportunities for improvements within existing frameworks, tools and processes to continuously improve systems.

The ideal candidate will be expected to perform high quality systems deployment, operations, best practices application, optimization, internal/external customer interactions, and produce appropriate technical documentation and reports. He/she will be responsible for systems functionality, performance, and configurations issues. He/she will demonstrate sound knowledge of Linux concepts and theory, and participate in systems deployment and support.A love for working with new technologies and pushing the envelope on existing technology is required.

Do you:- Calmly and quickly diagnose and fix critical systems failures in high pressure situations?- Investigate complicated technical issues scientifically and thoroughly, and assist in fixing them so they don’t come back?- Understand how a modern, cloud-hosted application stack works from top to bottom?- Know how to provide technical solutions to real business problems in a global organization?

If you’re a customer-focused Systems Engineer who would like to contribute to a critical success story, we would love to hear from you! Over a million customers rely on Amazon Web Services (AWS) network for building and running their applications and businesses. Our customers success depends on our world-class network infrastructure, and our network depends on our systems team!

This position requires that applicant selected be a U.S. citizen and obtain and maintain a TS/SCI US Government clearance with polygraph.

Basic qualifications

  • 0-1+ years design, implementation or consulting experience with distributed software applications and architectures.
  • Demonstrated proficiency in Linux, hands on and related debugging
  • Demonstrated proficiency with scripting languages such as Bash, Python, C, C++, Java or Ruby
  • Undergraduate or graduate technical degree required in Information Science / Information Technology, Computer Science, Engineering, Mathematics, Physics, or a related field

Preferred qualifications

  • Self driven, detail oriented, excellent analytical skills, a strong team player who works well with immediate and extended team, and consistently puts the team above oneself.
  • Ability to work well under pressure with minimal supervision, and keep up with a fast moving environment via effective prioritization and time management.
  • Strong desire to build, ability to multitask, sense of ownership and urgency. – Experience with Agile development methodologies and DevOps environments.
  • Master’s degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, or related technical discipline.

Don’t Wait – These Internships with the Air Force Expire Soon!

Apply on Handshake – Application Deadline is January 15, 2020

The Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) is currently accepting applications for internship opportunities available at AFRL sites across the United States including New Mexico and Florida.

AFRL Scholars Program internships are competitive awards that provide AFRL-related involvement for students to gain degree-relevant, real-world experience while contributing to the operation of an AFRL site and supporting the advancement of DoD missions. Internship opportunities are primarily in the science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) disciplines.

Selected interns are paid a competitive stipend award amount based on their academic level at the beginning of the internship opportunity. For specific rates, please visit our website.


Please visit https://afrlscholars.usra.edu/students/ to begin the application process.

Documents for Application Upload
To expedite the application process, please have the following ready when you begin your application:

  • Current contact information
  • An updated resumé
  • Unofficial transcripts from all schools you have attended
  • Recommended:  Contact the individual(s) whom you would like to write your letter of recommendation, letting them know an email request will come at a later date.

The Tech That Will Invade Our Lives in 2020

From smart homes to ultrafast wireless speeds, here’s what to watch.

The 2010s made one thing clear: Tech is everywhere in life.

Tech is in our homes with thermostats that heat up our residences before we walk through the door. It’s in our cars with safety features that warn us about vehicles in adjacent lanes. It’s on our television sets, where many of us are streaming shows and movies through apps. We even wear it on ourselves in the form of wristwatches that monitor our health.

In 2020 and the coming decade, these trends are likely to gather momentum. They will also be on display next week at CES, an enormous consumer electronics trade show in Las Vegas that typically serves as a window into the year’s hottest tech developments.

At the show, next-generation cellular technology known as 5G, which delivers data at mind-boggling speeds, is expected to take center stage as one of the most important topics. We are also likely to see the evolution of smart homes, with internet-connected appliances such as refrigerators, televisions and vacuum cleaners working more seamlessly together — and with less human interaction required.

“The biggest thing is connected everything,” said Carolina Milanesi, a technology analyst for the research firm Creative Strategies. “Anything in the home — we’ll have more cameras, more mics, more sensors.”

If some of this sounds the same as last year, it is — but that’s because new technologies often take time to mature.

Excerpt taken from Brian Chen’s article in the New York Times. Read the entire article here.