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BlackRock’s 2020 Find Your Future Forum

Learn how to jump start your career at BlackRock’s one-day educational program for college sophomores.

Friday, April 3, 2020 in New York, NY

Please submit your application by Monday, March 2 at 8:00AM EST in order to be considered for this Find Your Future Forum event. 

Learn about our business at the exciting intersection of finance and technology. Get to know our unique culture and gain an understanding of where you could add value at BlackRock. We offer a wide range of opportunities in Advisory & Client Services, Analytics & Risk, Corporate Functions & Business Operations, Investments, Relationship Management & Sales, and Technology. 

Expand your knowledge by taking part in professional skill-building, technology and finance workshops. Learn how we utilize cutting-edge technology to build a better financial future for our clients. Meet with professionals in the FinTech industry to see how you can leverage your experience and background to kick-start a career with BlackRock. 

Build your resume, grow your network and gain that competitive edge employers value. Acquire the tools, communication strategies and best practices needed to help you land your dream job – and succeed at it.

We are seeking talented sophomores with diverse backgrounds. Applicants should meet the following criteria: 

  • Self-identify as female, Black or African American, Hispanic or Latino, Native American, LGBTQ+ and/or disabled 
  • Strong academic credentials across any major or discipline 
  • Expected graduation date between September 2021 and June 2022 

BlackRock is a global investment firm, trusted to manage more assets than any other. We combine the energy and fast-paced nature of a startup with the security and resources of a leading global asset manager. Our clients are companies, governments, foundations, and millions of individuals saving for retirement, their children’s educations, and a better life. We are passionate about providing products and services that can help them build a strong financial future. No matter what your level, we offer our employees real responsibility from day one –and we’ll be looking to you for your unique perspective to help us challenge the status quo.

Check Out this Mobile App Position with a Midd Alum!

Mobile App Development at TipHero

I’m a Middlebury grad (’97) and co-founded a company called TipHero. We have 20 million Facebook fans, over 1 million Instagram followers, and are looking to expand our reach with a mobile app.

We’re looking for someone with mobile app development experience to help us update and maintain our app going forward. Likely the bulk of the work initially will be making updates to the app, as it has not been maintained for several months, and then ongoing maintenance work with the possibility of developing additional features.

The opportunity is great for someone looking to gain experience working with a mobile app with real users and having to manage an app as it scales its userbase, as the app has generated over 100,000 downloads. This is remote work and can be done on your own time / your own hours.
The app is called “TipHero” and you can download it from the major app stores for free.

Learn more and apply on Handshake. Application deadline is January 31, 2020

Don’t Wait – These HubSpot Internship Postings Expire Soon!

Learn more and apply on Handshake – Application deadline is January 31, 2020

Undergraduate Inbound Marketing Intern

Are you passionate about doing great work? Do you have unique perspectives that could help us become a better team? Do you want to enjoy coming into work every day? Then you might be a great fit for the summer internship on HubSpot’s Marketing Team! HubSpot puts customers at the forefront of everything we do. The work that our marketing team does has a dramatic impact on the lives of our customers around the globe; and our interns have the opportunity to have the same significant impact. Specifically, you’ll have the chance to join one of our primary marketing groups as a key contributor for the summer. Successful candidates are analytical, creative, passionate, intellectually curious and have a hunger for growth. This internship runs June-August 2020 as a full-time, paid position in our Cambridge, MA office headquarters.

Final Application Deadline: January 31, 2020
This internship is your opportunity to explore the life of a marketer at HubSpot. In fact, our best interns never consider themselves as “interns” at all! We want independent thinkers who are prepared to take on serious responsibilities. This internship is a major learning experience on the ins-and-outs of a high-growth company and provide the knowledge and well-rounded skill set that you’d need in a future full-time role.
As an intern, you will join one of our marketing groups as an individual contributor AND work collaboratively with other interns across the Marketing team on a business project. What type of work might you do? Check out our dynamic marketing teams below:

  • Global Go-To-Market Team – We execute on global marketing campaigns and analyze the results to determine effectiveness and success. Made up of a number of different teams, we think about how to strategically move metrics like usage and revenue. You would learn how a flywheel business works and how and why customers fuel a flywheel company, and how to run targeted marketing campaigns to customers and agency partners alike. This is also the team where we’re transforming the HubSpot business to become a platform based company.
  • Brand & Editorial Team – Made up of our Editorial, Product Marketing, Creative and Academy teams, we help inform the world about HubSpot through editorial channels and product education. We work on content creation and analysis to prep product launches for both external audiences (prospects, analysts) and internally to fellow HubSpotters (sales, customer success, support). 
  • Acquisition Team – We think about acquiring new customers through various channels and running experiments to maximize effectiveness for each distribution channel. “How can we grow our audience through strategic lead generation initiatives?”, for instance. 
  • INBOUND Team – We own the planning and execution for our annual INBOUND event. Each year INBOUND celebrates the helpful, human side of doing business, bringing together thousands (24k+ in 2019) of the world’s leading business-minded professionals for a week of learning, inspiration and networking.

So … what might you do during an internship at HubSpot? We discover that fit during the interview process. We’ll ask you questions to get a sense for your current skills and interests. From there we’ll match your superpowers with the team where we think you will excel and learn the most at HubSpot. 
Additionally, throughout the summer, we’ll offer:

  • Executive Lunch & Learns
  • Mystery Dinners
  • Intern Outings
  • Personal Mentorship
  • INBOUND2020 Attendance
  • Access to HubSpot perks including: on-site gym, smoothie bar, coffee barista, and more!

Individuals that are interested in full time opportunities within HubSpot’s Marketing team following their internship are able to be evaluated for the team’s entry level role, Leadership Rotational Program.
Curious if you’re a fit? Here are some of the skill sets that some of our teams look for:

  • Marketing excites you and you want to learn more.
  • You love to write.
  • You are analytical and have a thing for data.
  • You are ambitious and you work hard.
  • You are detail-oriented and quadruple check your work.
  • You are a do-er who loves fast-paced environments.
  • You have HEART*.
  • You bring well rounded & diverse knowledge and experience to the table.
  • Commitment to growing your leadership skills.


  • Currently enrolled undergraduate student, through August 2020.
  • Thoughtfully written cover letter including links to your social media
  • Full-time availability in Cambridge, MA from June to August 2020

Inbound Sales Intern

As an inbound sales intern, you’ll join our team of Inbound Success Coaches and use a combination of analytical thinking, sales and customer service skills to ensure all prospects receive the fastest, highest quality, first interactions with HubSpot. You’ll make use of cross-functional resources and develop your knowledge of the HubSpot platform to recommend the appropriate products, services and solutions to address a range of customers needs.

If you’re excited about new challenges and seeking an opportunity to develop your sales skills and business acumen at a leading tech company, we’d love to hear from you! This paid, 12 week summer internship includes superb training and provides a unique opportunity to kick-start your career within the HubSpot’s sales organization.

On successful completion of this summer internship, you’ll also be considered for full-time opportunities in 2021 following your graduation.
Applications will be accepted until 5:00pm EST on Friday, January 31, 2020. In this role, you’ll get to:

  • Develop an in-depth knowledge of the HubSpot platform and articulate its value to customers and users
  • Conduct consultative pre-qualification of prospects for the HubSpot sales process and schedule appointments with the appropriate sales team members for Inbound Growth Assessments
  • Navigate a high volume of HubSpot sales, customer and user inquiries, in a quick and efficient manner, to develop and maintain relationships with new and existing customers
  • Collaborate cross-functionally within HubSpot to improve business processes and experiences for HubSpotters, HubSpot customers and users alike
  • Recommend software best practices, identify and deliver the best next steps or resources to assist customers and users
  • Become an ambassador of HubSpot Sales on your college/university campus after internship concludes

We’re looking for people who:

  • Have fluency in English
  • Are currently and will be enrolled in an undergraduate or masters degree program throughout duration of internship
  • Are available to work full-time in our Cambridge headquarters from June to August 2020
  • Can quickly learn new technologies, tools and systems to help our users succeed with HubSpot software
  • Have the initiative to find the resources needed to be successful in this role and the ability to work collaboratively to solve problems
  • Are confident communicators and can tailor messaging and articulate value, be it by phone, live chat or email
  • Thrive in a fast-paced environment and have a clear desire and commitment to develop a career in sales

Want to Fuse Your Passion for Government and Tech? Check Out these NSA Jobs on Handshake

Application Deadline: January 31, 2020

15 Minutes Could Save You… Geico is Hiring a Software Engineer!

Application deadline is February 17, 2020

GEICO IT is seeking a driven, innovative tech savvy college graduate interested in joining us as a Junior Data Architect

As a Junior Data Architect, you will maintain the current coding structure and propose ways to enhance overall performance and ensure coding practices throughout the company comply with recognized standards. You will be using data science tools and frameworks along with scripting and automation tools using PowerShell or Python. You will manage and support projects and create technical documentation. You can take advantage of our in-house GEICO University to learn new technologies, languages, and soft skills. As being part of the team, you will also receive mentoring from management to take your knowledge and skills to the next level. 

  • Candidate Qualifications: 
    • Degree in Computer Science, Information Systems, Statistics, Mathematics, or related majors 
    • Overall cumulative GPA of at least 3.0
    • Background in data analytics and/or statistics.
  • Required Skills:
    • Experience with scripting and automation using PowerShell or Python
    • Experience with debugging skills.
    • Experience with documentation writing. 
    • Databases and SQL. 
    • Experience with Data Science tools and frameworks.
    • 1 – 2 years of experience with Python, R, C, Java.
    • 1 – 2 years of experience with .NET  C# programming.
    • Experience with reporting system development.

What You Need to Know About 5G in 2020

After years of hype, carriers like AT&T and Verizon are giving consumers clarity on what their next-generation cellular networks will realistically do.

LAS VEGAS — Like many consumers, Kathryn Schipper, an attorney in Seattle, doesn’t have a landline. She relies on her smartphone for calls and videoconferencing, but reception is spotty.

So she is excited about the arrival of 5G, the fifth-generation wireless network that has been the subject of breathless speculation over the last few years. The new cellular standard, carriers have said, will reduce network congestion and pump out data so fast that smartphone users could download all the “Avengers” movies in a few minutes. It might even eventually help cars drive themselves.

“5G seems like orders-of-magnitude improvement,” Ms. Schipper said. “I’ve also heard it’s much more reliable, so that matters to me.”

Yet the shift to 5G feels like a tech revolution happening in slow motion. In 2019, AT&T and Verizon, the two largest American carriers, lit up their 5G networks in a small number of cities. Handset makers released only a handful of phones compatible with the new standard. The overwhelming majority of us saw no meaningful improvement to our cellular networks.

At CES, the big consumer electronics show in Las Vegas this week, the carriers are insisting that 2020 will be a turning point for 5G. AT&T and Verizon say they expect their 5G networks to be accessible nationwide this year. In addition, the carriers say at least 15 smartphones will be 5G compatible this year, more than triple the number last year.

“2020 is pivotal because you’ve got a good foundation built, and the ecosystem starts to form,” said Kevin Petersen, a marketing executive for AT&T.

So what does that even mean? A major technology shift is underway, which may have an impact on your personal technology in the coming years. And unlike its predecessors, 5G is complex and more confusing.

Excerpt taken from Brian X. Chen’s New York Times article. Read the entire article here.

Internship Highlight: Megan Job ’21, Assistant Researcher at William Montague Cobb Research Laboratory

Megan Job is on the far left.

Major: Neuroscience

Assistant Researcher at the William Montague Cobb Research Laboratory

I think it is very important to introduce diversity in the various databases on the human genome. Many of the original genome projects centered on European-descended populations and this project is one of the first steps to unlocking questions like “Why are Black women 243% more likely to die in childbirth (compared to White women”? Or “Why are African Americans prone to hypertension, diabetes, etc.?”

How did you find your internship? Dr. Jeremy Ward.

What was your work like? One of the main projects I worked on was Petrous Bone Extraction of the bones in the William Cobb Collection. William Montague Cobb was the first African American to get an MD/PhD and went on to found a lab. He studied over 100 African Americans who died between the 1930s and 1960s and conducted autopsies on each of the individuals. My research included extracting over 200 petrous bones–a dense region on the side of the skull next to the ear canal–in order to sequence the DNA of the individuals who passed. After extracting the petrous bone, we found susceptibility genes for the diseases the individuals died from. Among the diseases were tuberculosis, diabetes mellitus, atherosclerosis, and more. A lot of the diseases are still the main cause of death of Blacks today. After the DNA is sequenced, we cross matched their genes with the susceptibility genes to see if there were matches. In the future, we will be able to address the weaknesses that may or may not have to do with our genetic codes. Ideally, we will be able to have prenatal testing where we identify these genes and advocate a healthy lifestyle that will suppress the likelihood of these diseases manifesting and taking the lives of our people.

How did CCI help you find this opportunity? Funding, advising, moral support, EVERYTHING!

What advice do you have for Middlebury students looking for an internship? Think outside the box! Don’t think that the organized programs are the only internships you have available to you…there are countless others you can make up or find anywhere.

What was the most rewarding aspect of your work? Being surrounded by black scholars.

And to add to this question from Megan’s interview in the Cobb’s Corner News: Seeing people in positions of power in STEM that are Black is what I will cherish the most. Carter [Clinton, Assistant Curator] is a great example as well, with both of us being from Brooklyn. I’m reading a book by Elaine Welteroth called More Than Enough: Claiming Space for Who You Are (No Matter What They Say) where she mentions that it is “important to leave signposts along the journey of success for those that come behind you.” I believe there will be another young girl like me who is obsessed with science like me but needs a role model to show her that women and people of color can succeed. I really want to be that guiding light just like this experience has illuminated my journey.

Did you have a mentor that helped you get to where you are today? If so, who? Jeremy Ward, Susan DeSimone, and much much much more.

You can read more about Megan’s internship in the Middlebury Newsroom and this WUSA9 news story.

Interested in getting help with summer internships? Come meet with one of the Peer Career Advisors (go/pcas) to learn more about how to search for internships, and how to apply for funding.

Are YOU interested in being in the Internship Highlights? Tell us about your internship experience here.