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Is Mitt It? The Pundits Say Yes, the Polls Say No

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We are witnessing a fascinating struggle between the polling data in Iowa, and how Republican Party leaders and pundits are interpreting that data.  Yesterday, the National Journal ran this story under the headline “Romney: The New Frontrunner in Iowa”.   It … Continue reading

Holy Iowa! The Mitt Has Hit the Fan!

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For the night owls among you, the Des Moines Register has released its latest Iowa caucus poll and it is good news for Newt – and bad news for Romney.  Given the late hour, I’ll give you the highlights now … Continue reading

Obama, Huckabee, Romney in Dead Heat for 2012 – Or Maybe Not

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  Two recently released surveys of registered voters appear to provide contradictory results regarding the 2012 presidential election.  The first, conducted by Pew during the second week of March, shows President Obama handedly beating a generic Republican candidate for president. … Continue reading