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Information Sciences Summer Research Program, Deadline April 13, 2018

Application Deadline Extended: April 13, 2018 2018 i3 Summer Research Program for Underrepresented Students Hosted at the University of Pittsburgh | Open to Students of All Majors For more information and applications, see www.ischool-inclusion.org What is i3? The iSchool Inclusion Institute (i3) is an undergraduate research and leadership development program that prepares students from underrepresented populations for […]

Global Neurology Program Coordinator at University of Rochester Center for Health + Technology

The University of Rochester’s Global Neurology program is engaged in clinical care, medical education, and research in sub-Saharan Africa. In partnership with African non-governmental organizations and institutes of higher education, they seek to decrease the morbidity and mortality of common neurologic disorders in the region. Key activities include capacity building endeavors and discovery aimed at elucidating contributors to neurologic disease and neuro-disability. Research activities encompass a range of conditions and span investigations into the clinicopathological underpinnings of disease through to studies of health sector performance and challenges.

Position responsibilities include:

  • General administrative support for ongoing epidemiological studies, clinical trials and collaborative US-Zambia post graduate training programs
  • Assistance with grant application development and submission
  • Supervised protocol development and subsequent leadership roles in staff training for implementation
  • Assistance with assuring compliance related to both US and African regulatory requirements
  • Scientific writing and/or analyses for publication online and in peer-review journals

Position benefits include:

  • Field experience working in the health sector in sub-Saharan African within the context of a well-established, multifaceted program
  • Working closely with US leaders in global health and top African academics
  • Learning how to partner effectively to develop and execute relevant, high-priority research studies in lower and lower-middle income, tropical settings
  • Gaining familiarity with the key stakeholders and actors in the global health arena
  • An opportunity to become a published author in leading peer-reviewed journals

Bachelor’s degree required. Two year commitment preferred. Start in August 2018 preferred. The University of Rochester is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Apply in Handshake!

Middlebury Social Impact Corps – Internship Applications Open in Handshake!

Application deadline: February 23, 2018

Interested in a cohort internship focused on social impact and sustainability? Then check out Middlebury’s Social Impact Corps!

The Middlebury Social Impact Corps (MSIC) (formerly known as Ambassador Corps) program connects students to social change with unique global internship opportunities. A select cohort of Middlebury College students are chosen and matched with a social enterprise or NGO for an 8-week summer internship in the Bahamas (Island School) or Peru (Andean Alliance for Sustainable Development).

Learn more here.

There are two opportunities available to apply for – click on the links below to get to the Handshake posting and apply:

  • Middlebury Social Impact Corps 2018 Summer Internship -Cape Eleutheuthra Institute – This year’s Middlebury Social Impact Corps (MSIC) participants will be partnering with Cape Eleuthera Island School, using their campus as a classroom to tackle the challenges of social and environmental impact and sustainability. Participants will be placed in one of two tracks, based on experience and interest. The tracks include The Center for Sustainable Development (CSD), and The Cape Eleuthera Institute in Marine Conservation.
  • Middlebury Social Impact Corps 2018 Summer Internship – Andean Alliance – This year’s Middlebury Social Impact Corps (MSIC) participants will be partnering with the Andean Alliance (AASD) on their ongoing investigations with small scale farmers in the highlands of Peru. This year’s study will continue to explore the challenge that farmers face getting local products to market. Using a mixed methods research approach, students will gather information from both the community and market to create a deliverable that will allow the AASD to help farmers face this challenge.

REMINDER: Sustainability Office is hiring for spring!

1) Applications for the new spring positions in the Office of Sustainability Integration are still open, get your apps in by Wednesday! (details below)
2) VERY EXCITING–they are extending the deadline for applications for the Solar Decathlon houses! Applications (available here) are now due on FEBRUARY 16th at NOON.


The Office of Sustainability Integration is hiring for FIVE students to be divided between two brand new positions. Both positions focus on sustainability outreach on campus–one will primarily deal with waste management and the other with energy conservation. These are paid positions.

Details and applications are available at the following links. Applications are due Feb. 14th (❤) at noon.


Questions? Please feel free to ask away and please share these listings with anyone who might be interested!

Eva Fillion, Middlebury College
Sustainability Outreach Coordinator

Email: efillion@middlebury.edu
Phone: 802-443-2536

DEADLINE 2/15-Seabird Research Intern on Maine Coastal Islands

DEADLINE Thursday FEBRUARY 15, 2018

This internship is jointly funded by the Center for Careers and Internships and Environmental Affairs. We have been funding this opportunity for many years.

Location:  Southern and mid-coast Maine at an island field camp

Compensation:  $350/week with food provided.  Shared housing provided when on the mainland; camping is required at Island field sites. 


Position Description:
Audubon’s Seabird Restoration Program operates seven island field stations along the Maine coast as critical seabird nesting sanctuaries. Research Interns will work under the direction of the Island Supervisor, participating in all aspects of seabird research, monitoring, and management that take place at the field station. The majority of research projects focus on studying the nesting success and foods fed to seabird  chicks,most work focuses on terns, but depending of field site, other species studied may include:  guillemots, puffins, and or razorbills. with most work focusing on terns. Work includes, but is not limited to: conducting population censuses, monitoring productivity and chick growth; conducting seabird diet studies; banding and re-sighting birds; removing invasive vegetation; educating island visitors; and assisting with predator management.

Research Interns will live on island (a single island or group of islands) for the duration of the field season. Interns assigned to inshore islands will have occasional trips to the mainland for logistics and resupplying the field camp, returning to the islands to work and sleep. On offshore islands, food, supplies, and mail are delivered approximately every 2 weeks. Research Interns on off shore islands will remain offshore for approximately eleven weeks. In a tern colony, the birds are loud, and in defense of their nests, terns will dive-bomb anyone moving through the colony. Living conditions on the islands are rustic. A cabin or wall tent serves as the base of field operations, and field team members sleep in their own tents (wooden tent platforms provided). Island field stations have limited electricity (solar panels power research needs), propane stoves, composting toilets, and no running water (rainwater is collected for washing; drinking water is brought from the mainland). Communications with the mainland are via cell or VOIP phone, depending on location, with VHF radios available as a back-up mode of communication. There is no internet access. Cooking, cleaning, and camp maintenance duties are shared by all island team members.

To see more information about this internship, please go to Handshake here: https://middlebury.joinhandshake.com/jobs/1333828?ref=16-dashboard

7 food security fellowships, new calls for applications, transatlantic fellowships, and more

Profellow is an excellent resource for finding fellowships in every area of interest of social impact.  Several of the fellowships listed are for folks in more senior stages of their careers, however check out the ones that are eligible for recent grads with their application deadlines. Also, note the tips for writing effective fellowships:

14 Transatlantic Fellowships for U.S.-Europe Exchange and Study: Whether you are interested in studying abroad, researching in a different country, or collaborating across the Atlantic, there is a transatlantic fellowship for you! These 14 opportunities take Americans and Europeans across the pond for projects and study.

5 Ways to Improve Your Personal Essay Writing: Being a good writer is not just about how much time you spend writing – it is also about practicing the act of writing to hone your skills. If your New Year’s resolutions include improving your writing, or if you’re gearing up for another fellowship deadline, these tips are for you!

7 Food Security Fellowships to Tackle Hunger: Food security fellowships arm fellows with the knowledge and skills needed to address hunger in communities, whether at home or abroad. These seven fellowships combine issues of hunger with education, environmental degradation, and policy.

Calls for Applications:

The Hansen Summer Institute on Leadership and International Cooperation is seeking global, young leaders (age 20-25) for a 3-week leadership training program at the University of San Diego, June 29 – July 23, 2018. Travel, accommodations and stipend provided.  Apply by March 9!

Middlebury Social Impact Corps – Student Info Sessions

Middlebury Social Impact Corps – Student Info Sessions

  • Feb. 13th 7:00-8:00pm
  • Feb. 14th 4:30-5:30pm
    Location: Adirondack House Library
    Snacks provided

    Interested in gaining knowledge, skills, and dispositions for purposeful careers in social impact?
    The Middlebury Social Impact Corps program connects students to social change with unique global internship opportunities. A select cohort of Middlebury College and MIIS graduate students are chosen and matched with a social enterprise or NGO for an eight-week fully-funded summer internship in the Bahamas at the Cape Eleuthera Institute or Peru at the Andean Alliance for Sustainable Development.

Come learn more about the program, host sites, and how to apply!