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Errors in job applications could cost you

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At EIA we’ve noticed some common problems and recurring errors in your job applications in MOJO. We wanted to call your attention to these now, as early in the semester as possible, in order to prevent you from making these … Continue reading

24 Jobs, 15 Employers, 1 day of Interviews in NYC…New York Eastern College Career Day Deadline February 20th

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A friendly reminder to those seniors and recent Feb grads who have not yet taken action…. STUDENT INSTRUCTIONS: 1.)”Create Account” on the ECCD Web site at http://eccdb.experience.com/er/security/login.jsp. 2.) Review employers participating in ECCD New York, by selecting  March 23, 2012 … Continue reading

Don’t wait until the last minute (literally)!

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Please remember to upload application materials and apply to opportunities via MOJO prior to the 11:59 p.m. deadline.  If you don’t you risk missing the deadline!   Get your MOJO working early.  Do not wait until 11:59 p.m. of the deadline day!