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Professional Development Workshops Presented by John Tallmadge

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Join us for professional development workshops presented by John Tallmadge, an educational and literary consultant (who is the author of Meeting the Tree of Life: A Teacher’s Path), on Friday, March 6th, in the CTLR Suite in the Davis Family Library. John has worked with a number of Middlebury faculty. To sign up, please visit http://sites.middlebury.edu/ctlrmarch2015/

The three workshops on Friday are:

12:15-1:20 pm Workshop 1 - Staying Alive in the Beginning and Warrior Phases of a Career (for junior and term faculty) – This workshop is primarily for junior faculty as well as to those not on the tenure track and deals with the challenges of leading a balanced life during the beginning and warrior phases of one’s career. Lunch included.

1:30-2:30 pm Workshop 2 – Academic Publishing: from leveraging the dissertation to rendering mature work into articles and books (for all ranks) – This workshop, designed for both junior and senior faculty, deals with the nuts and bolts of academic publishing, both for those just getting started and for those whose experience may feel a bit out of date; it covers journals (print and online) as well as books.

2:45-3:45 pm Workshop 3 – Staying Vital in the Citizen and Later Phases of a Career: leadership, mentoring, and retirement (for senior faculty) – This workshop engages senior faculty in the citizen and later phases of their careers, when leadership calls and retirement looms (or beckons) and the challenges of leading a balanced, healthy life can feel particularly acute.

EDUCAUSE Webcast: Professional Development and Staffing for the Cloud

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Everyone is welcome in Davis Family Library 105 at 1pm on Wednesday, August 25th for a live EDUCAUSE webcast entitled Professional Development and Staffing for the Cloud. This webcast will be hosted by Joanne Kossuth, VP for Operations and CIO of the Franklin W. Olin College of Engineering. Please read on for a detailed description and/or contact Chris Norris with any questions!

Description of the event from the EDUCAUSE website:Are you getting ready for the cloud? How will the utilization of cloud services impact the skill set requirements and professional development paths for our staff? What are the types and levels of information that IT professionals must understand and advance in the growing space of cloud computing? How will technical work change? How will the staff gain skill sets in negotiation, interorganizational collaboration, and risk management? And the list goes on. Join us for a lively discussion of these issues and a sharing of our experiences.

More Information: https://net.educause.edu/LIVE1023/

NITLE Camp 2010

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This came in today from NITLE; for those who are still planning out their professional development plans, this might be of interest.

– mike

I invite you to take a look at the Camp schedule and consider how you might use these offerings to advance your campus’s mission. At this year’s NITLE Summit we tackled the theme “Advancing towards Liberal Arts 3.0” on a strategic level, considering the impact of changes in the technological and information environment on the curriculum, scholarly research, support infrastructure, and liberal education generally. NITLE Camp 2010 is about the skills, practices, information, and relationships that members of your faculty and professional staff need to support the sorts of strategic moves discussed at the Summit. Sending your innovative faculty members and front-line technologists, librarians, and other staff members to Camp can help you promote innovation on campus.

Let me highlight Camp events that follow up on Summit sessions:

  • The Multimedia Track lays out practical steps for advancing “Media Fluency” as described by Gardner Campbell.
  • The Assessment Track follows up on the “Assessing the Impact of Information Literacies and Technologies on Learning” session and will further the efforts of an assessment working group in the NITLE community.  Robert Gonyea of NSSE will also be delivering the Camp keynote address.
  • The Mobile Track fleshes out the theme of mobile technologies in Bryan Alexander’s opening keynote.

General and updated information about Camp is available on the NITLE Camp Blog, including

NITLE Camp 2010 runs June 21-24 at DePauw University. Participants can sign up for as much or as little as they choose. To help keep costs down for participants, NITLE has secured low-cost, on-campus housing ($35/night, includes breakfast); kept the cost for the community meetings on June 22 to $25 (for food); and set multiday package pricing at a discount.

We hope that you and others from your campus can join us. Please feel free to contact Rebecca Davis at rdavis@nitle.org or 512.863.1734 for more information.