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Professor Pundits: What Do You Get for $400 Million?

In their latest video commentary, Middlebury political science professors Matt Dickinson and Bert Johnson look at the Obama campaign’s early massive spending spree — $400 million to date — mostly in battleground states. But despite the big spending, polls show a statistical dead heat between the two candidates. The pundits discuss this and more in their newest chat. And, as always, if you have a question about this presidential campaign for Bert Johnson or Matt Dickinson, please leave a comment below or email: pundits@middlebury.edu.

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Professor Pundits: “Healthcare Ruling: Campaign Friend or Foe?”

Despite Mitt Romney’s surge in fundraising immediately after the Supreme Court’s healthcare ruling, both candidates seem to be keeping their distance from the topic. But as our professor pundits Matt Dickinson and Bert Johnson point out, that does not mean the ruling won’t be important in this fall’s elections, though maybe not for the reasons you think. Join in the conversation with your comments below.

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No, Political Scientists Are NOT Lousy Forecasters – In Fact, They Are Pretty Good

First Nate Silver. Now Jacqueline Stevens!  Stevens is the Northwestern political scientist whose op ed piece in Sunday’s New York Times  sparked more than a little debate regarding the role of government efforts through National Science Foundation grants to fund … Continue reading

Professor Pundits: Watching Wisconsin

Wisconsin’s Republican governor just survived a recall election. Will that have any impact on the presidential race in a state that has historically gone to Democrats? In their latest political commentary on the presidential race, the Professor Pundits offer differing views on the importance of Wisconsin events to the national political scene.

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Professor Pundits: Base Hit

The Romney campaign reported today that their fundraising is nearly even with the Obama campaign, but also noted that 95% of contributors were small donors, a sign, our pundits say, that the base is getting behind candidate Romney. And what impact will President Obama’s recent pronouncement of support for same-sex marriage have on the campaign? The pundits talk us through it in their latest edition.

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Professor Pundits: And the winner is…

With Santorum out and Gingrich on his way, the Republican primary race is all but over. It may seem obvious now but, as our pundits point out, Romney was not always the clear choice. In this edition, Matt and Bert look back at the road to Romney’s nomination and discuss what the recent GDP report could mean for the general election.

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Professor Pundits: Why GDP is Catnip for Political Scientists

Forget the polls and fundraising reports for a minute. Our pundits, Matt Dickinson and Bert Johnson, say the forthcoming GDP report may be the most important factor in the presidential campaign so far — especially now that the Republican primary seems to be winding down and attention turning to the general election. In their latest update on presidential campaign politics, the pundits discuss GDP, the Supreme Court, and why President Obama would show up in Vermont (the first presidential visit here since 1995).