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In Their Own Words: Ellery Berk ’14

“In Their Own Words” is an ongoing series featuring the experiences of Middlebury students at their summer internships. This summer Ellery Berk ’14 interned with Gardens for Health International in Kigali, Rwanda.   

What did you do?

For the month of June, I interned with Gardens for Health International as a communications intern, conducting interviews, collecting media and writing blogs. Gardens for Health  is an agricultural NGO that partners with Rwandan health centers to equip families facing malnutrition with the knowledge and resources for greater self-sufficiency.

What did you learn?

Through Gardens for Health, I learned anew the values of self-sufficiency and community, and I have great expectations for our partnership moving forward. I learned that it is very important to be flexible.

What are your plans for the future?

My interest in development and global health remains strong; however, I realize that my place in the field likely does not lie in a small grassroots organization. While in Rwanda, I found that the most effective work Gardens for Health did was completed by Rwandans themselves. Expat staffers provided programmatic and technical support for Rwandan staff members, but little else. From this experience, I’ve learned that if I want to continue in the global health and development field, I should probably work with larger organizations, like Oxfam or the UN, and I should get an MPP and MBA.

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More Shameless Promotion…But for Whom?

Hey there everyone who reads this blog,

My Middlebury user name will be closed in the near future, but before it does, I wanted to take this opportunity to promote something that might be of interest to all of you studying the Middle East. Starting soon (like, in two days) I’ll be working for an NGO called Bridging the Divide that does most of its work in the region (for those of you who know Prof. Sam Liebhaber, his wife works with them). They are up-and-coming, interested in New Giving, development, and problems facing the Middle East. I hope to be getting in touch with a lot of you about it, and I’ll be writing a lot for the website’s blog, which is still in its infancy, keeping everyone informed.

So please, be on the lookout for great news from this organization, drop me a line if you’re interested in anything (ali.nehme.hamdan@gmail.com), and just know this: that you can actively contribute to global peace in the region.

Hope you’re all enjoying your summers!