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What is MiddLab and what does it have to do with me?

We will be hosting two sessions next week to help answer this question. One session will focus on how MiddLab can be used alongside faculty and student research projects and another on how MiddLab can work with offices on campus related to research events. You are welcome to attend either and there is a lot of overlap between these topics.

  • Tuesday, October 5, 4-5PM in LIB 105: We will discuss how MiddLab has been used to discuss articles in student publicationssummer research projectstheatre performances, and live presentations. We’ll briefly show you how you can create your own page in MiddLab and leave plenty of time for questions and discussion on how MiddLab can be used to provide a space for discussion of student and faculty research.
  • Wednesday, October 6, 1-2PM in LIB 105: We’d like to talk to faculty and staff working in the many offices who support research and learning at the College (Academic Affairs, ACE, CCSRE, CTLR, Grants, LIS, OLR, SA, URO, SFS, STSS, Sustainability Integration, and surely several more). We’ll demonstrate how MiddLab has been useful in providing a continued space for the project and events you create as members of these offices, like the Life Stories project in CCSREstaff research projects, or the many presentations at the Spring and Summer URO Symposiums. We’ll briefly show you how projects are added to MiddLab and leave plenty of time for questions and discussion.

We hope to see you there! As always, if you have any questions about MiddLab, or would like to add your work to the growing list of projects, let us know by sending an email to middlab@middlebury.edu. More information is available on the About MiddLab site, or in anarticle in this week’s issue of The Campus.

Add a MiddLab widget to your site!

We’ve added a new content type to Drupal that can display a MiddLab project in your site’s sidebar. To use this, edit your sidebar page and click Add in the Edit Console, thene select “MiddLab Widget” from the list of content types. You’ll then see a list of checkboxes with MiddLab themes, departments, and offices. Check the boxes that are appropriate to your area and save the new node.

The result will look something like this:

This is a neat, and very easy, way to highlight student, faculty, and staff work that takes place in your department or is sponsored by your office. If your department or office doesn’t have any projects in MiddLab right now and you’d like us to add some, we’d love to hear from you. Again, just email middlab@middlebury.edu.

Acclaimed Author Ian McEwan at Mead Chapel, September 7

Ian McEwan, the acclaimed English novelist, will read from his new work in Mead Chapel on Tuesday evening, September 7th,at 7:30 p.m.



McEwan is widely admired throughout the world as a writer of substance.  He won the prestigious Booker Prize for AMSTERDAM, and many of his novels, including ATONEMENT, ENDURING LOVE, THE CEMENT GARDEN, and THE COMFORT OF STRANGERS, have been made into major films.  

 ”No one writing in the English language surpasses Ian McEwan,”  The Washington Post.

Special Collections sponsors new exhibit : The Two Pointers of Dead Creek — A Tradition of Trapping and Boat Building in Addison County

In collaboration with Vergennes boat builder Douglas Brooks, Special Collections is offering a new short-term exhibit The Two Pointers of Dead Creek : A Tradition of Trapping and Boat Building in Addison County.  Assistant Curator Danielle Rougeau is working with Douglas Brooks on mounting the exhibit on the Lower Level of the Davis Family Library. The exhibit officially opens on Wednesday, September 1, 2010, and will be on view through Friday, October 1.

During the 2009-2010 academic year, Brooks and three Middlebury College students, Renee Igo ’11, Christian Woodard ’11 and Ben Meader ’10.5, interviewed trappers and their descendants in an effort to document the culture of muskrat trapping in Addison County, with an emphasis on the “two pointers”, the double-ended boats that trappers built.

After a training program with the Vermont Folklife Center, the researchers began recording interviews and examining historic boats. Over twenty historic trapping boats were identified in the region.  Eventually several boats were carefully measured and one was chosen for replication. The students displayed an historic boat at the 2010 Middlebury College Student Research Symposium.

In the 2010 spring semester, Igo, Woodard, and Meader, guided by Brooks, built this trapping boat in studio space at Middlebury’s Old Stone Mill. The boat was launched on Commencement day, May 27, 2010.    

New Course Schedule Planner

We have just introduced a new course schedule planning tool to help students discover courses and arrange selections of them that avoid timing conflicts.

When browsing the online catalog at go/catalog you can now log in and save courses that you find interesting. Look for “Save” links to the top-right of course descriptions. Courses can be saved either from the search view or from the detail views linked-to from department course listings.


This screen-cast gives an overview of the Schedule-Planner and how to use it:

Notable features:

  • Save courses at any time as you come across interesting ones.
  • Create one or more schedules for a term to see how different course selections might fit together.
  • Ensures that discussion and lab sections are considered.
  • Time-conflicts are highlighted.
  • Schedules can be emailed to an adviser or anyone else.
  • Schedules can be printed to aid in finding classrooms.

Please note that this tool is designed as a planning and advising aid — it does not register you for classes. Also, it does not have access to individual student records and hence does not check that prerequisites have been met.

The Schedule Planner is still in Beta for the next few weeks, please try it out and provide feedback so that we can address any problems before new students arrive on campus.

LIS Collection Management has a new name!

With the merger of Collection Management and portions of Academic Consulting Services, it became clear that the area needed a new name to reflect its expanded scope.

I’m therefore pleased to announce that the name for this area is now Research and Collection Services (RCS). While many portions of the website still reflect the old names — and it will take a while before we’ve eradicated all remnants of Collection Management/Academic Consulting Services from the website, email distribution lists, HR/Banner information, etc. — please consider the name to be effective immediately.  We’ll try to get the changes made expeditiously.

As a reminder, RCS includes:

  • Reference and Instruction Librarians
  • Special Collections
  • Vt. Collection
  • Government Documents
  • Inter-library Loan
  • Cataloging/Acquisitions/Serials
  • Preservation & Processing
  • Collection Development

New Delivery Options for NExpress and ILL: Armstrong Library Pick up.

We have made the Armstrong Science library an official pick up location for ILL and NExpress materials.  If you select Armstrong delivery, your requested materials will be automatically sent to the Armstrong Science Library for pick up when they arrive at Middlebury.

This is now possible for both NExpress and interlibrary loan materials.  However, selecting this option is done very differently in each system.

  • For NExpress the choice is made each time an item is ordered, through a drop-down menu.  Select Armstrong Science library from the list of available pick up locations.  go/NExpress
  • For ILLiad, the choice is made at registration.  In order for a current ILLiad user to change their preferred delivery location in ILLiad, you will need to update your contact Information in the Tools menu in ILLiad.  Click on “Edit My Contact Information” and select Armstrong Science Library as your “Delivery Site” to take advantage of this new service.  You can return to regular pick up at the Davis Family Library at any time by returning to ILLiad and changing your selected delivery site back to Davis Family Library.   go/ill

Please contact mdyill@middlebury.edu with any questions.

Summer in the Lab

The dog days of summer may have passed (we hope) but the heat is on, with just over two weeks of school left and symposium projects galore. Cubicles in the library are filled to capacity, and the Wilson Media Lab is no exception. With a full fleet of tutors, we are working hard to meet the digital media needs of students, staff, and faculty.

Here’s just a taste of what we’re working on.

  • Faculty course websites for the fall semester
  • GIS mapping of trees on campus
  • 3D environments for the psychology department
  • Digitization projects for archives, professors, and the library

In addition to our long-term projects, the lab is busy every day with walk-ins making projects for classes, presentations, or research.

In other lab news, we’ll soon be updating the software image on the Mac towers, which will include an operating system upgrade, among other things. With each passing year, we hope to keep the lab up-to-date on technological/educational developments and continue to support the Middlebury community’s forays into the latest in electronic possibilities.

We’ve also recently installed a new color printer, so please be aware that students seeking color printing can be directed to us whenever the need arises. We’re always happy to help them, and anyone else, with media-related questions.

~The Digital Media Tutors