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Episode 5: Adun Samon and Mr. Punnawit Thepsurin

In 2018 Adul Samon and his boys’ soccer team were rescued from a flooded Thai cave. During the rescue effort, Adul took on an unexpected leadership role as an interpreter. Last spring Adul was the inaugural recipient of Middlebury's Global Citizen's Award, and he and his teacher at the Band Wiang Phan School joined Laurie Patton to discuss, among other things, the power of language.

Episode 4: Bianca Giaever ’12.5

Bianca Giaever ’12.5 is a storyteller. She has produced audio pieces for This American Life and Radiolab; video pieces that have gone viral and won Emmys; and magazine pieces for The Believer and this humble publication. And her conversation—recorded just after Bianca finished her first summer of study at the Bread Loaf School of English—is a story all its own.