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EAP extended coverage to additional family members

Recently, our Employee and Family Assistance Program (EFAP) has extended the scope of its services. In addition to covering all employees and household members, our EFAP now provides services to all immediate family members.  Immediate family members include:
Ÿ Parents
Ÿ Siblings
Ÿ Children by blood, adoption or marriage
Ÿ Spouses/Partners
Ÿ Grandparents
Ÿ Grandchildren

Let your immediate family members know they now have access to all of the EFAP Services including:
  Counseling Services
  Budget & Debt Services
  Legal Consultations
  Financial Resources
  Health & Wellness Coaching
  Work/Life Resources
  New Parent Transition Program

Your EFAP is just a phone call away…800-828-6025 24 hrs/7 days a week.  Or visit the wellnessworklife.com Website.

Job Descriptions and PeopleAdmin

As many of you know PeopleAdmin is not only our new applicant tracking system, it is also serving as the repository for our job descriptions.  You can access our new position description library here: http://www.middlebury.edu/offices/business/hr/staffandfaculty/jobdescriptions. This will replace the existing job description listing that we have used in the past and will allow job descriptions to be updated as actions are processed in PeopleAdmin. This means that if a job description is updated, (if that process is approved in PeopleAdmin) the updated job description will automatically display in the position description library without an additional manual step.

This process replaces the paper process that was initiated by filling out the Job Review Request form.

Managers and supervisors can use PeopleAdmin to:

  • Make formatting and/or minor job description wording changes
  • Make larger job description changes and request reclassification of a job description linked to an existing employee

If you find that your job description needs to be updated, please contact your supervisor to discuss this process. Please use the links below to learn more about job description updates:

Supervisors please take note:

When requesting a replacement you can also: update a job description, request a classification, and/or FTE change.  (For more information please see Choosing the Right Action in PeopleAdmin.)

If your department would like to schedule a group training/work session for supervisors to become more familiar with this new feature please contact the Human Resources office at hr@middlebury.edu or X5465.

HR Update: New Managers & Supervisors Web Page

In preparation for the campus-wide manager training series that’s coming up, we have begun working on a new Managers & Supervisors section on the Human Resources website. In this section you will find any information that was previously listed under the Staff/Faculty > Managers & Supervisors page, as well as many new items. Some of the highlights in this section include:

  • Hiring Staff. Step-by-step review of the hiring process with linked resources and forms as needed. (You can also use our new go-link for this page: go/hire.)
  • New Hire Orientation. Checklist of items to cover as you welcome your new hire.
  • Go/Managers Workshops. Information about and sign-ups for monthly manager workshops.
  • Short Term Work Options. Guidance for how to handle different types of short-term hires.
  • Supporting Employees. Links to resources that you can use to help your employees (professional development, job accommodations, time off, worker’s compensation, etc.).
  • Greentree Help. An evolving set of instructions to help you as you use Greentree to recruit new employees.

Looking for something that you can’t find? Let us know by sending an e-mail to hr@middlebury.edu or try using the search feature on the main Human Resources page found at http://go.middlebury.edu/hr (go/hr from on campus).

This week’s employment snapshot:

There are currently 18 faculty positions, 15 external job postings, and one internal job posting on the Middlebury College employment opportunities websites.

Employment Quick Links:

Faculty Employment Opportunities: go/faculty-jobs (on campus), http://go.middlebury.edu/faculty-jobs (off campus)

Staff Employment Opportunities:  go/staff-jobs (on campus), http://go.middlebury.edu/staff-jobs  (off campus)

Pay and Scheduling: What Managers and Supervisors Need to Know

In this training session, learn important information that every supervisor should know about pay and scheduling policies and practices related to your direct reports. There will also be time to answer any questions you have about your role as a supervisor. This is required for all new supervisors and managers, and any supervisor or manager is welcome if you would like to refresh your skills. There are two sessions available and each will be held in Mitchell Green Lounge.

To register for Wednesday, October 12, from 2-3:30, click here: http://www.middlebury.edu/offices/business/hr/files/other

To register for Wednesday, October 19, from 9-10:30, click here: