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Weekly Web Updates – June 15, 2015

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New Features

The Newsroom site now has nicely designed social media buttons and individual news stories have similar share buttons. Hovering over the email button no longer automatically opens a pop-out window. You have to manually click the button.

You can now specify the text color and whether to show the title and byline in Drupal Vimeo embeds. See our updated documentation on Drupal Shortcodes for more information.


Tweaks and Fixes


We are beginning to make changes to the site to improve its accessibility according to the WCAG guidelines. In particular, this week:

  • The label for the “Search Midd” form is no longer hidden using “display:none”. Instead it is now very narrow so that it won’t appear visually in a browser, but will be read on assistive devices.
  • The labels for the email newsletter signup form on the Newsroom site now correctly correspond to their checkboxes.
  • The links in the footer to the alumni sites that have labels like “Middlebury Language Schools” now have title attributes specifying that they are “For Alumni” to avoid confusion with links labelled “Middlebury Language Schools” elsewhere on the page.
  • One instance of the <center> tag has been removed from the site.
  • The “Skip to Main Content” links are now correctly linked to the main content element on the page.
  • The headings for the “Quick Search” boxes, such as on the Offices & Services page are now being used as proper labels for the form element.
  • The wordmark logos for Middlebury and its affiliate programs are now background images and there is actual text in the header elements on each of the pages, making it easier for them to be read by assistive devices.

This is just the beginning of many accessibility improvements we’ll be making, and working with you to make as well. To learn more about this topic, here is a Lynda.com session on Improving SEO Using Accessibility Techniques and you can view the accessibility issues with the Middlebury site in SiteImprove.

Friday links – June 12, 2015

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Orphan Works & Mass Digitization: A Report from the Register of Copyrights. U.S. Copyright Office (June 2015). PDF file.

A new document which outlines proposals from the US Copyright Office to accommodate two areas where copyright law is currently weak:  1) handling “orphan works” (i.e. works still protected by copyright but for whom the copyright owner is impossible or difficult to find) and 2) dealing with “mass digitization” projects (e.g. the Google Books project).

Both Kevin Smith on his Scholarly Communications @ Duke blog and Mike Masnick at Techdirt find the proposed solutions as bad as the problems they are purporting to solve.  Worth a read.


Augmented World Expo 2015: Behind the scenes of singer Bjork’s weird, immersive virtual reality – The team from Bjork’s immersive MoMA installation talks about authoring reality at the Augmented World Expo in Santa Clara, California.

Augmented World Expo 2015: Behind the scenes of singer Bjork's weird, immersive virtual reality

Image: Erin Carson/TechRepublic


Systems Maintenance this Sunday, June 14th

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During our regular maintenance window this Sunday, June 14th from 6 am – 10 am we have the following activities scheduled:


  • We will be upgrading the physical links for Internet path from the Middlebury LAN to the Internet. This maintenance will see up to a dozen brief (1-2 minutes) Internet outages over the course of the maintenance window.


We appreciate your patience as we continuously strive to keep our systems functioning optimally.






Billy Sneed

ITS – Central Systems & Network Services

Middlebury College

Weekly Web Updates – June 8, 2015

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New Features

The MIIS website has a new homepage, designed by staff in Middlebury’s office of Communications. This features a new global header and footer, which we’ve applied to all of the pages in the MIIS website, as well as the MIIS Directory, the MIIS instance of GO, and the MIIS mobile website / portal.

New Documentation

We’ve prepared a guide on creating Course and Section Listings in Drupal.

At the request of Jim Stuart, we’ve added staff profiles for ITS to the ITS Teams and Workgroups section of the site. Each person has permission to edit their profile and we’ve prepared documentation on editing profiles for those interested.


Tweaks and Fixes

  • We’ve fixed a problem with the Drupal Instagram content type that was preventing images from being displayed if certain sizes of those images weren’t available through Instagram. It will now display the last X images of any size larger than the width you specify.
  • The navigation element for the Study Abroad website has been modified to include a direct link to information about their advisors.
  • We’ve made some improvements to how resources are handled in the Course Hub so that saving resources & syllabi only synchronizes the resource that was saved rather than all resources for the course, speeding up the save processes.

Weekly Web Updates – June 1, 2015

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New Features

  • WordPress: We’ve replaced the broken XML-Google-Maps and GeoMashup plugins with the more-supported OSM (Open Street Map) plugin. The OSM plugin allows you to display geo-tagged posts on a map as well as embed maps based on GPX or KML data-files. For users of the two removed plugins, we’ve already converted your sites to using OSM.


Tweaks and Fixes

  • The WordPress plugin Dropdown Menu Widget was fixed so that it uses the edit_theme_options permission, which is available to site Administrators, to determine who can use its settings interface, rather than the edit_themes permission, which made it only usable by Network Administrators.
  • The Bread Loaf Writers’ Conferences site was updated with a new header image and to use the new Middlebury identity system in its footer.
  • The Center for Social Entrepreneurship site was updated to use the new Middlebury identity system and to correct an alignment issue with the image gallery.

Friday Links – May 28, 2015

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An exciting example of where a liberal arts education can take you: the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai has a program to enroll liberal arts students who “show promise for developing into compassionate and humanistic physicians” (Mt. Sinai, 2015). In an NPR article, Dr. David Muller, the dean of the school, asserts that “[s]cience is the foundation of an excellent medical education, but a well-rounded humanist is best suited to make the most of that education.” Read the NPR article here
http://www.npr.org/sections/health-shots/2015/05/27/407967899/a-top-medical-school-revamps-requirements-to-lure-english-majors or jump straight to the program page at Mt. Sinai here https://icahn.mssm.edu/departments-and-institutes/psychiatry/newsletter/humanities-and-medicine-early-assurance-program-at-mount-sinai-accepts-liberal-arts-students-into-medical-school

Einstein’s papers now digitized and online!

Key Survey Scheduled Maintenance – Sunday, May 31

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KeySurvey Logo

The following information is relevant to anyone who uses Key Survey to create and distribute surveys, as well as survey respondents.

From: WorldAPP Customer Care
Sent: Thursday, May 28, 2015 1:02 PM
Subject: WorldAPP Maintenance Notification

Key Survey & Form.com will be undergoing maintenance between 1am and 3am EDT on Sunday, 31st May.

As part of our commitment to enhance our services and improve reliability, we need to schedule a short maintenance period this weekend to replace some elements of our production environment.

During the maintenance period both the Form.com and Key Survey applications will be unavailable, with respondents directed to a maintenance page.

Further information and updates will be posted to our community pages.
WorldAPP Customer Care Team