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Bombay Print Server Retires Monday, August 3

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Middlebury College is retiring the Bombay print server on August 3, 2015, as it is incompatible with our current 64-bit operating systems.  Bombay has been replaced by a new print server named Walnut that has all of the same print queues on it.

ITS has worked with the majority of people who were connecting to the old server but if you have been away from campus you may experience an interruption in printing services until you move from Bombay to Walnut printers.   If needed, refer to the steps below to restore printing.  If you have any questions or need further assistance, please contact the Helpdesk at 802. 443.2200 or via email to helpdesk@middlebury.edu.

Steps for Windows 7 computers to move from Bombay to Walnut:

  1. look for printers “on Bombay” print server name listed below queue name. Go to Start>Devices and Printers and look for entries that have “on Bombay” in the name, e.g. “LIB125F on Bombay”
  2. record printer queue names
  3. remove old print queues
  4. add printers from Walnut

Instructions for these steps can be found in our printing documentation: http://mediawiki.middlebury.edu/wiki/LIS/Connect_To_Network_Printers_-_Windows

Steps for Macintosh OS X computers to move from Bombay to Walnut:

  1. record printer queue names(the names are posted on the printers)
  2. remove old print queues
  3. add printer from Walnut via Casper’s Self Service(or manually)

Instructions for these steps can be found in our printing documentation: http://mediawiki.middlebury.edu/wiki/LIS/Connect_To_Network_Printers_-_Mac_OS_X

Issues with the Middlebury-Monterey network connection

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Hi all,

The VPN connection between Middlebury and Monterey is seeing intermittent issues, dropping in and out. It’s being actively worked both here in Middlebury and in Monterey. This will impact all connections between the two campuses, including email and many Middlebury campus based services.

We will update this post when service has been restored.

Weekly Web Updates – July 27, 2015

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I mentioned this at the last ITS Tech Partners meeting and promised to include a link to it in this week’s updates. tota11y is a bookmarklet that you can use to highlight accessibility issues on web pages.


Tweaks & Fixes

  • We have updated the Museum of Art site to use the Drupal Service Links module for the buttons that allow you to share news items on social media. The ShareThis module has been removed from all Drupal sites.
  • When you click the “Put on Reserve” link in MIDCAT, the form will automatically populate the Call Number field.

Systems Maintenance this Sunday, July 26th

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During our regular maintenance window this Sunday, July 26th  from 6 am – 10 am we have the following activities scheduled:


  • There will be equipment changes that may cause brief (up to 2 minute) interruptions to Internet connectivity for the Vermont campuses, including Bread Loaf.
    • There will be slightly longer Internet connectivity interruptions for the Ilsley Library, which is closed on Sundays
  • Offices in Voter Hall will lose network connectivity for up to 20 minutes during the maintenance window while equipment is moved.


We appreciate your patience as we continuously strive to keep our systems functioning optimally.






Billy Sneed

ITS – Central Systems & Network Services

Middlebury College

Weekly Web Updates – July 20, 2015

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New Features

There is now a “simple search” field at the top of the Directory that uses Active Directory’s Ambiguous Name Resolution index to return results from multiple fields. These are all “starts with” searches, so searching for “Joe” will return people whose first or last names start with “Joe”. All of the old search options are still available in the Advanced Search section on the same page.


Tweaks and Fixes

  • When you are editing a piece of content in Drupal the “Owner” of that content will be updated to be you once you save it. If you wish to set the “Owner” to someone else, you can do so in the Permissions settings while editing. This matches how “Owner”s are already set when editing Page settings in Drupal.
  • WordPress sites with the Subscribe2 plugin enabled were sending up to four emails to the author of a post when it was published. This is apparently a “feature” of Subscribe2, giving authors an opportunity to see examples of all the possible emails the plugin is sending to subscribers. These emails are no longer being sent to post authors, but you can subscribe yourself to your own site(s) if you wish to continue receiving emails of your posts. If you were already subscribed, no action is required on your part.
  • The “Body” field of Drupal RSS Page content will now be shown when the content is displayed, not just when it is being edited. The body will appear above the list of RSS feed links.
  • HTML tables that are wider than the content area in Drupal will now be wrapped in a special element after the page loads that allows for horizontal scrolling, rather than having the table overflow out of the contents region.
  • We have fixed issues in Drupal that prevented editors from adding space around images and links around images in table cells. Please note that due to an issue with how Internet Explorer communicates with pop-up windows, editing in IE is still not supported at this time. Editing in other browsers, such as Firefox, Chrome, or Safari is advised.
  • The correct space between profiles when displayed as a list of “cards” will now be applied, even if there are non-profile nodes on the page with the list. Previously, these non-profiles had been throwing off the even/odd count on which items to apply the margin.
  • The Google Fonts Domine, Open Sans, and Rosarivo are now loaded on the Middlebury and MIIS Drupal sites. These will be used for some text styles going forward, to better match the fonts already in use for print publications.
  • The WordPress Jetpack plugin’s Custom Content Type submodule has been re-enabled.
  • The Library Hours in that site’s sidebar will no longer include the date as it was always the current day’s date.
  • The image slider on the Davis UWC Scholars site is even more slightly faster.

Network issues -7/17/2015

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Good Afternoon,
We have received some reports of brief network outages across campus. We are working to find the cause and correct it. Not everyone is affected, but saving your work is a good precaution. We will let you know when the problem is fixed.
Thank you for your patience.

Dictionary of Natural Products – trial through August 18, 2015

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By faculty request, we are evaluating CRC’s Dictionary of Natural Products on CRC’s CHEMNetBASE platform. This is a comprehensive database of 170,000 natural products effectively organized into a key information product. The wealth of data provided includes names and synonyms, formulae, chemical structures, CAS Registry Numbers, extensive source data, uses and applications, physical state, melting point, boiling point, pKa, and key literature citations. In addition a comprehensive type of compound classification scheme brings together compounds that are biogenetically related. All this information is readily searchable by text or by substructure, using flexible and intuitive software.

Let us know what you think – email feedback to eaccess-admin@middlebury.edu or your liaison.

Is there a journal, database, or other resource you think the library should subscribe to? Let us know at go/requests.