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Weekly Web Updates – June 24, 2019


  • Drupal role_delegation 8.x-1.0
  • WordPress 5.2.2
  • WordPress auto-post-thumbnail plugin 3.4.2
  • WordPress enable-media-replace plugin 3.3.1
  • WordPress jetpack plugin 7.4.1
  • WordPress subscribe2 plugin 10.30

Fixes and Tweaks

Ongoing Work

  • Creating a new “Offices” site for institution-wide anchor functions.
  • Creating new Drupal 8 sites for our schools and programs.
  • Upgrading the Course Hub to Drupal 8.

Announcing the New Library Website

New library website
Home page of the new library website

You’re right, things look a little different this week! We’re excited to announce the launch of our new library website. We’ve streamlined and reorganized our content, and we’re now mobile-friendly! We hope it’ll be even easier for you to find what you need, and to discover useful and inspiring resources that you didn’t even know to ask for.

Please note that the site, though live, is not quite in its final form. We’ll be making minor upgrades and revisions in the coming weeks.

Many thanks to the Library Website User Experience Team, Library Website authors, and, last but not least, our colleagues at the Office of Communications!

Now, go ahead and update your bookmarks to point to: http://go.middlebury.edu/lib . We’ll see you there!

Weekly Web Updates – June 17, 2019

We launched a new website for the Library this week, featuring library hours coming out of their LibCal system instead of the Google Calendars we were previously using.


  • Drupal link_attributes 8.x-1.8
  • WordPress redirection plugin 4.3.1
  • WordPress seriously-simple-podcasting plugin 1.20.3
  • WordPress the-events-calendar plugin

Fixes and Tweaks

  • Standardized the way that header and sidebar navigation works on the new office sites so that header nav is consistent throughout the site and sidebar nav is contextual.
  • Embeded webforms from forms.middlebury.edu will now include the new Middlebury website styles.
  • Fixed an issue that sometimes prevented the new Drupal video component from playing when you clicked the splash image.
  • Changed the way our Drupal deployment handles CSS and JS assets. This is now done with a simple file copy operation on each of the frontend servers, rather than a full build process, which speeds up deployment and removes a binary that was hanging and eating up the CPU.
  • Increased resources allocated to the sites.middlebury.edu server.

Ongoing Work

  • Creating a new “Offices” site for institution-wide anchor functions.
  • Creating new Drupal 8 sites for our schools and programs.
  • Upgrading the Course Hub to Drupal 8.

Summer Reading!

Summer’s almost here! The library has added 30 new titles to our print browsing collection, and another 30 (including many non-English titles) to our collection of e- and audiobooks (go/overdrive/). These books are available for borrowing by the entire College community, so enjoy the copious Vermont sun with some lemonade and a new book!

MLA Bibliography Has Moved to EBSCOhost

MLA has made the decision to move their content from the ProQuest platform to the EBSCOhost platform. You may already be familiar with EBSCOhost if you’ve accessed our eBook collection, or any other number of databases hosted by EBSCO.

What does this mean for you?

The content is the same! It’s still the MLA Bibliography, but it looks different. What, exactly, has changed? The basic and advanced search forms, buttons for emailing and saving records, and links to access articles and books via full-text databases, MIDCAT, and Interlibrary Loan — all of these appear in slightly different locations, fonts or colors. But overall, MLA via EBSCOhost will feel at least somewhat familiar, we expect.  

MLA Search Form
Search form for MLA via EBSCOhost

How to adapt to this change?

Visit MLA on the EBSCOhost platform and take a look around. Then, update any personal bookmarks to point to the MLA via EBSCOhost:  http://go.middlebury.edu/mla.

Questions or concerns?

Please reach out to your library liaison for assistance.

Weekly Web Updates – June 10, 2019


  • Drupal 8.7.3
  • Drupal address 8.x-1.7
  • Drupal entity 8.x-1.0-rc3
  • Drupal link_attributes 8.x-1.7
  • Drupal role_delegation 8.x-1.0-rc1
  • MediaWiki: 1.31.2
  • WordPress enable-media-replace plugin 3.3.0
  • WordPress foobox-image-lightbox plugin 2.7.1
  • WordPress foogallery plugin 1.7.7
  • WordPress jetpack plugin 7.4
  • WordPress nextgen-gallery plugin 3.2.4
  • WordPress redirection plugin 4.3
  • WordPress seriously-simple-podcasting plugin 1.20.2
  • WordPress the-events-calendar plugin 4.9.3
  • WordPress hueman theme 3.4.24

Fixes and Tweaks

  • Re-enabled a dynamic system for blocking spammers attacking WordPress and Drupal sites at our firewall based on their spam attempts.

Ongoing Work

  • Creating a new “Offices” site for institution-wide anchor functions.
  • Creating new Drupal 8 sites for our schools and programs.
  • Upgrading the Course Hub to Drupal 8.

Goodbye Stewart Lane!

Stewart Lane is retiring on June 14th, after 25+ years of service!
Stewart has been the real embodiment of a Media Services and ITS staff. Courteous, expedient and willing to take on any task, from helping a faculty with their laptop in a classroom, to screening Hirschfield films on late nights, to running a video camera, to supervising our students, to redesigning a classroom and programming lighting systems. He’s been a real go-getter, with a can-do attitude! I can’t count the emails and other positive feedback that I’ve received for him from customers over the years.

Stewart would like to thank Norm Cushman and Bryan Merril for giving him a job and a chance to become part of Middlebury back in the 90s.

We will miss you dearly Stewart, especially your dedication to work, as well as your cheer and lightheartedness.

A tip of the hat to Stewart!

Some of the kind words of thanks that Stewart has received over the years:
…phenomenal! #epic…
Thank you for your swift and diligent support. This was an excellent service provided.

  • “…incredible effort you have put in to get ready for this year’s Fest. There are so many fabulous films that are screening at Dana…”
  • It’s been great working with you over the years…
  • Many thanks for the timely save yesterday–I’m glad you and Jen remained unflappable.
  • took a lot of pressure off of my shoulders.
  • terrific
  • We’re very fortunate here to get such personal attention from you and other Support staff!!
  • thank you for your help and patience
  • thank you again very much for going above and beyond the call of duty
    heartfelt thanks to you
  • It’s a pleasure to work with such professional and capable colleague
  • thank you for saving me last week with that screening
  • Thank you SO much for being patient with the laptop and us, non-techies.