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Area 51 notes, Dec. 1, 2011

Present:  Mike Roy, Carol Peddie, Mary Backus, Terry Simpkins, Chris Norris, Doreen Bernier
Guest: Joe Antonioli

Joe Antonioli presented the Curricular Technology Team report on the decommissioning of Segue which proposed a timeline for shutdown and migration of current faculty sites.  The timeline was discussed in detail.  Mike asked that the team prepare a communications plan for the timeline announcement to the college community.  Joe will consult with liaisons regarding the communications process as well, and Mike will send out the final announcement.

Joe also requested that the SLT re-examine the current CTT charge.  Since another campus group has been created and tasked with evaluating technology needs in classroom spaces, the SLT agreed to remove “evaluate the use of teaching spaces and make recommendations” from the CTT charge.  We also reviewed the charge to “create a ‘tech incubator’ to assess current technology and watch for emerging possibilities,” which overlaps with the charges of the 3 recently established taskforces on innovation, each of which includes a member of LIS.  We agreed that the LIS members of the innovation task forces should work to keep CTT and the rest of LIS informed about what’s happening in those talks.

The next topic discussed was whether or not FEMTOCEL units should be installed at the Bread Loaf campus and the Snowbowl.  These units would provide limited cell phone service to these areas.  This topic needs further investigation around the issues of cost and quantity and the “cultural impact” of providing cell service, and will be revisited.

The agenda for the Dec. 8 managers’ meeting was set and will include discussions about Service Level Agreements, the ticketing system and workflow processes.

We decided to cancel the December LIS Staff meeting, or, shall we say, we decided to move it to 51 Main the day before!!

The agenda for the Dec 8 SLT meeting:

  • System down time during break
  • Banner migration weekend review
  • Review staffing proposal to SRC

[TS note: yes, I'm aware of the irony in posting agenda items "in advance" for a meeting that happened yesterday.  We'll get there.]

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Terry and Doreen

Area 51 notes, Nov. 17, 2011

Present: Mike Roy, Terry Simpkins, Carol Peddie, Mary Backus, Chris Norris, Shel Sax
Guests: Ian Burke, Jim Stuart
Absent: Doreen

Jim and Ian joined us to discuss the proposal to migrate our anti-virus solution to Sophos.  The project team working on this consists of Brian Foley, Chris Tangora, Petar Mitrevski, Rick James, Jim, and Ian.  We reviewed the draft change management form, and the SLT requested 1) more detail specifying where the responsibility lies for each step in the process and b) .  Ultimately, most of the work involves testing and deployment; the impact on end-users should be minimal.  We also discussed how the timing of the project might be impacted by other major projects such as the Banner migration and the roll-out of the new Network Access Control system.  We agreed that testing should be done in January, and, assuming the testing goes smoothly, roll-out should occur in February.

Mike presented an idea for an upcoming decisions list.  The idea is to provide transparency regarding proposed ideas and projects, and to give a sense of the direction in which LIS is moving.  After some discussion, we agreed that this might be best tied into the our goals page on the strategic planning site and, like the goals, updated on a quarterly basis.

Next up, we talked about the LIS values statements we created roughly 3 years ago, and how these relate to some of the feedback we heard from the staff survey.  We agreed that we should revisit our values, focusing on whether or not we have articulated the “right” set for LIS, as well as whether or not we live up to them as an organization.  We have also had enough staff turnover in recent years to warrant a re-examination of these values statements.  We agreed that each director will have discussions with their managers about ways to solicit input for refining or revising our values statements, and that we’ll continue the discussion once those discussions have occurred.

We began a discussion about the defining the parameters of the Google/MSLive evaluation that Shel will be leading.  We ran out of time for this piece, and will continue on 11/18 at our monthly retreat.

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Area 51 notes, Sept. 22, 2011

Present:  Mike Roy, Carol Peddie, Danna Gianforte, Shel Sax, Chris Norris, Mary Backus, Doreen Bernier
Absent: Terry Simpkins

We discussed the creation of faculty webpages.  With the decommissioning of Segue, faculty should be directed to use WordPress to create their sites.  If WordPress isn’t suitable for their purposes, they should be directed to their department liaisons for other recommendations.  The Wiki pages will be changed to reflect this decision and the liaisons will be notified.  We also talked about migrating sites from Segue and community.middlebury.edu. The Web Applications group will develop a migration plan for community.middlebury.edu. The migration from Segue was included in the Curricular Technology Teams charge.

Next Friday is the deadline to submit facilities space/maintenance requests for the next year.

After some discussion we agreed to postpone the evaluation of Google Apps/MSLive project until spring.  We need a project manager for this, and plan to present a recommendation to President’s Staff in April or May.

Mike is anxious to see the Project Directory move to Roadmap completed.  Chris will make some changes to make Roadmap fields more consistent with the old project directory, thereby simplifying the process.  Chris will also offer additional work sessions for managers in the near future.

This past week the ADs held a retreat to discuss the LIS staffing plan.  Discussion will be continued next week and will be brought to the SRC when complete.

Continued discussion on the draft Service Level Agreements continued this afternoon.  After some revision, the ADs have endorsed this document.  It will be presented to President’s Staff at a future meeting.

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Area 51 notes, July 28, 2011

Present:  Mike Roy, Mary Backus, Shel Sax, Chris Norris, Carol Peddie and Doreen Bernier

Video streaming: Mike indicated that there is a fair amount of interest by College Advancement to use video to reach alumni via the web.  After a lengthy discussion on this topic, the ADs decided to form a group to investigate how we can create workflow and processes for cross-campus use. Several questions need to be addressed like:

  • What’s the right format for video streaming and for archival purposes?   
  • How quickly could we move to a new standard (perhaps mp4)?
  • How might adopting a new standard impact our workflows?

Project directory move to “Roadmap”:   The timeline for changing over the current project directory to “Roadmap” was discussed.  It was decided that Chris Norris will provide training to workgroup leaders at the September Managers meeting so they can start to incorporate current project milestones into the new program.

Goals: The August Manager’s meeting will be devoted to workgroup goals.  We discussed how to link workgroups/teams goals to the larger institutional mission and incorporating them into the LIS strategic planning site/.

Google/MSlive:  The process for evaluating cloud service offerings discussed.  Draft documentation containing background information, scope and timeline are being prepared for presentation to President’s Staff. 

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Area 51 notes, July 14, 2011

Present:  Mike Roy, Terry Simpkins, Danna Gianforte, Mary Backus and Doreen Bernier

  • We discussed recommendations from the Web Development workgroup regarding a mobile web presence for Middlebury.  They recommend using Kurogo, a program developed by MIT, for the basic framework.  Kurogo features a module-based structure with icons for various topics (e.g. news events, weather, emergencies, etc.).  The system functions automatically (i.e., it detects the browser being used to access the web site, and redirects mobile browsers to the mobile web platform).  The first round of this project, back-end development, has been approved by the ADs.  Front-end design will be done by Communications.  Both groups will work in conjunction with the Banner/Web Committee.
  • LIS has received a quote from Sophos for antivirus support that includes coverage for both PC and Mac computers for faculty, staff and students.  Going with Sophos would mean migrating from the currently-used Symantic application.   The ADs need to look more closely at the budget implications in the event we proceed.  If this is approved, we will need to develop a communication plan for the campus.
  • Human Resources is in the process of updating job descriptions for staff and has requested assistance from the ADs.  The ADs need to identify outdated job descriptions and provide revisions to HR by August 1.
  • The ADs reviewed next week’s AD retreat agenda, which will focus on goals and goal-setting for the next 12-18 months.

Thanks for reading,

Terry & Doreen

AD Team changes

We recently welcomed Chris Norris as a new member of the AD Team. Some of Chris’ work as a Senior Technology Strategist involves planning for business continuity & disaster recovery, keeping current on emerging technologies and trends and using analytics and monitoring data to help assess processes and systems. We are pleased to welcome Chris to the LIS Administration team and look forward to his added insights and fresh perspectives.
The week of Oct 18 we will also be welcoming Danna Gianforte, as the newly hired Director of Enterprise Applications .

The newly expanded LIS Administration Team ( AD’s) now consists of the following members:
Mary Backus, Director User Services
Doreen Bernier, Assistant to the Dean of LIS
Danna Gianforte, Director Enterprise Applications
Mike Lynch, Director Central Systems & Networks
Chris Norris, Senior Technology Strategist
Carol Peddie, Associate Dean, LIS
Mike Roy, Dean of LIS
Shel Sax, Director Educational Technology, CTLR
Terry Simpkins, Director Research & Collection Services