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Friday Links, Feb. 22, 2013

Got MOOCs?  Here are two recent pieces I found interesting:

The first is from Wired: Beyond the Buzz, Where Are MOOCs Really Going? by Michael Horn and Clayton Christensen.  “We believe they are likely to evolve into a scale business, one that relies on the technology and data backbone of the medium to optimize and individualize learning opportunities for millions of students. This is very different than simply putting a video of a professor lecturing online.”

The second is The Trouble With Online College from the New York Times and takes perhaps a less optimistic view. “Courses delivered solely online may be fine for highly skilled, highly motivated people, but they are inappropriate for struggling students who make up a significant portion of college enrollment and who need close contact with instructors to succeed.”

LIS Workshops for February-March: Drupal and Video-based Learning

Our current workshop schedule is now available.  Visit go/lisworkshops to view offerings for February and March and sign up for topics of interest.  You’ll find Drupal introductions that cover basic web site maintenance skills, as well as work sessions where you can get help with specific questions about how to improve your departmental web site. We are also offering several opportunities to learn how to access and use  lynda.com  — Middlebury’s fabulous online learning resource that uses short videos to help you acquire new business and technology skills.

Lynda’s recently added courses include such varied topics as “JavaScript and AJAX,” “Writing Fundamentals:  The Craft of Story,” and “Office 2013 New Features.”  Watch a single video or work through an entire course, but be warned — it’s addictive.

LIS Workshops & Professional Development Offerings

There is still time to acquire new skills before the year is out!  Visit go/lisworkshops to view our workshop schedule and get signed up for topics of interest.  You’ll find a few more Drupal work sessions where you can get help with specific questions about how to revise and improve your departmental web site, as well as one more chance to attend an introduction covering basic web site maintenance skills.

We’re also offering another opportunity to get acquainted with  lynda.com — a fabulous online learning resource that uses short videos to help you acquire new business and technology skills.   Recent course additions include “InDesign Secrets,” “Managing Your Career” and “Word 2010 Power Shortcuts.”  Watch a single video or work through an entire course — either way it’s professional development that doesn’t cost you or your department a dime.

LIS Workshops – August

Don’t miss out!  There is still time to fit in some learning before fall semester leaps out from behind the nearest patch of sunflowers…  Visit go/lisworkshops to view our schedule and get signed up for topics of interest. You’ll find Drupal sessions to help you get your departmental web site up to snuff before the next batch of students arrives on campus.  You’ll also find another opportunity to find out about lynda.com and how you can start using it to improve your skills.

Workshop Offering: Setting SMART Goals, May 16

go/learning is a workshop series focused on improving skills and effectiveness for all employees. Many of the topics offered will be adapted from the Manager Training completed between January and March 2012, such as our first offering:

“Setting SMART Goals”

May 16, 9-10:30 a.m.

Location: Axinn 100

You will learn:

  • What makes up a SMART goal
  • The advantages of SMART goals
  • How to write SMART Goals
  • How to apply them to:
    • Work results
    • Personal development

Ways to register:

  1. click this link: go/learning
  2. Or click this link: Middlebury College for the college website and type in go/learning in the top bar
  3. Although registration on the go/learning Web page is preferred, you may also register by calling Human Resources at 443-5465.  Please leave a message with a way to contact you

About the workshops: The workshops are open to all employees.  The same topic will offered two times over two months*

For your planning purposes, the workshops will typically be held on:

  • 2nd Wednesday from 2-3:30 p.m., or
  • 3rd Wednesday from 9-10:30 a.m.

* For May we will offer a repeat of the same session in the same month.

Please note: Managers are encouraged to support staff attendance. Staff members are encouraged to seek managerial support in advance so work distribution can be adjusted and planned.

New Queue feature in Lynda.com (technology training tutorials)

Want to keep track of video tutorials you want to view later? Add them to your queue. View ‘Creating and managing your queue’ from the “How to use lynda.com” course, by Garrick Chow.  Tutorial link: http://www.lynda.com/home/TutorialLanding.aspx?lpk4=97408

lynda Learning Spotlight: Using Windows 7 Jump Lists

more about lyndaIf you have a computer running Windows 7 you can use “jump lists” to access frequently-used documents, folders and web sites…  but do you know how?  In less than four minutes lynda can show you:

  1. Login at go/lynda first.  (New to lynda?  Click here for details.)
  2. Now, click here to learn about this quick and easy way to access your favorite files and web sites.

This is just a taste from one of over 1,100 courses lynda offers.  If you haven’t yet explored this new resource, try it today.