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Love languages? Linguistics? Teaching? A J-Term internship for you…

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Still not sure about your J-Term plans?

Interested in languages, linguistics or teaching? Speak Spanish, Chinese, Amharic, Hindi or Punjabi? Apply to be an English Language Learner (ELL) Program Assistant for J-Term! The Addison Central Supervisory Union is looking for interns to assist ELL teachers in development materials and resources in multiple languages for programs and parents. Interns would work about six hours a week during J-Term, primarily on the administrative end of the programs. Interns would create and translate newsletter templates, questionnaires and other forms.

Ready to get started? Head to MOJO and apply today!

Friday links – Nov. 2

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What’s the Secret to Learning a Second Language? (salon.com) – talks about language acquisition methods, with contributions from Middlebury’s own Michael Geisler.

Wondering what the fuss over Open Access is all about?  Do you like cartoons and animation?  This video is for you!