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Funded Internship with the State of Vermont: Universal Recycling Outreach

Application deadline March 25th.

Internship Site: VT DEC Solid Waste Program

Description: This internship will focus on addressing the current and upcoming challenges of implementing the Universal Recycling Law in Vermont. It will involve substantial engagement with the public, as well as some in-office work.

  • The intern will set up a table at farmers’ markets, fairs, or other public venues to provide information about recycling, composting, and the requirements of the Universal Recycling Law. A gregarious, friendly personality, composure, and strong communication skills are necessary. The intern will learn and communicate about recycling, composting, and other materials management topics. The intern will think strategically about communications and outreach to specific segments of the population, plan outreach/education activities, and coordinate with event/venue managers throughout the state. Work may include weekends and evenings.
  • The intern may also:
    • Support composting, recycling, or food rescue initiatives with partner organizations
    • If student interest, conduct research project(s) to support composting, recycling, or food rescue initiatives
  • The intern would also have an opportunity to shadow DEC staff on site visits and meetings with town officials, haulers, composters, farmers, businesses, or schools, etc.

Start and End Dates: June 1 to August 15, but dates are negotiable

Total Hours: 20-24 hours/week, 10 -12 weeks (total of 240 hours)

Compensation:  $3,000 Stipend. If you are offered and accept this internship, please be aware that your funding for this position is provided by CCI, and therefore you will be required to complete funded internship paperwork.

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Conservation and Recreation Internship – Middlebury Area Land Trust

For those with education, experience, and interest in natural resource management, forestry and recreation management, conservation, and/or working on trails design and stewardship. The intern will focus on MALT’s cornerstone project, the Trail Around Middlebury (TAM), a 19-mile trail circumnavigating the town of Middlebury, VT. The intern will work closely with MALT’s Volunteer Trail Coordinator of 30 years, John Derick. The intern will gain practical experience in trail stewardship, forestry and recreation management, and volunteer coordination. The intern will also gain valuable experience working in a small, environmental non-profit.

Apply for the internship:

To Apply: Applications close on March 9th at 12:00 pm

Please send a cover letter and resume to Jamie Montague, Executive Director no later than March 9, 2018. Applications will be reviewed as they are received with a possibility of filling the position before the deadline.

Submit applications to: jamie@maltvt.org ;

Questions? Email jamie@maltvt.org or call 802-388-1007.


Middlebury College FoodWorks Fellowship Program

Application deadline May 18. Learn more in Handshake.

Middlebury FoodWorks was established in 2012 as an innovative summer leadership program combining academic and experiential learning in food systems. The internship opportunities enhance student learning and engagement in food studies.

Students will work 30 hours a week in a job focused on different aspects of the local food system. The program offers an internship that pays a stipend of $2400 for the 8 week program, unless other arrangements have been made with the employer. There will be four field trips engaging with sustainable agriculture; community and economic development; nutrition and health; and other topics such as food security and justice, policy, culture and traditions. This will be determined by the students and FoodWorks director based on interest of the group.

COMPENSATION:  This internship includes housing, in addition to the stipend. You will need to complete the on campus housing form. If you are offered and accept this internship, please be aware that you will be required to complete the funded internship paperwork.

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Farm-Based Education Fellow at Shelburne Farms

Application deadline March 18. Learn more in Handshake.

Looking to stay in Vermont this summer? Shelburne Farms is seeking a summer-season, Middlebury student to team-teach up to 10 weeks of their summer camp program. They offer day camps for ages 4-14, and overnight camps for ages 12-17, which provide youth with opportunities to engage in their food system, build relationships with peers, and explore natural communities. Mentorship will be provided by education staff members; a variety of texts and resources; and through independent reflection.

Fellowship Responsibilities:

  • Observe, team teach, and teach camp activities for Shelburne Farms summer camp
  • Participate in morning meetings and afternoon planning and debrief sessions, spend time preparing lessons and materials
  • Support a continuous effort to foster a culturally aware learning community, open to multiple perspectives
  • Spend the majority of the day outside; utilize agricultural and natural resources on the Farm as centers for inquiry and exploration in all weather
  • Support
  • Live on site as part of a residential learning community
  • Check in regularly with mentors and supervisor to create and discuss performance, goals, and work plan
  • Communicate effectively with coworkers to create a respectful and communicative work environment.
  • Observe and work in Children’s Farmyard for at least one week during camp season
  • Receive and incorporate constructive feedback from supervisor and mentors into teaching practice
  • Have the opportunity to participate in professional learning as part of the Fellowship.

Compensation Details:

  • The internship is funded with a $3,000 grant from CCI. Housing is provided on-site, living in the most beautiful setting on Lake Champlain at Shelburne Farms.

Mianus River Gorge Suburban Ecology Conservation Intern

Internship in Suburban Ecology! Application Deadline March 18. Learn more in Handshake!

Mianus River Gorge, a conservation organization and 850-acre nature preserve in southern New York, offers 8 week summer internships for college students interested in the conservation of natural areas in urbanizing landscapes.
  • Each intern will work alongside Gorge staff and graduate students on a variety of projects including wildlife monitoring, non-native species management, and GIS applications.
  • Interns will work with and supervise high school students in our authentic research program (Wildlife Technician Program).
  • We work with our interns to provide a learning experience that fits their interests and long-term educational goals.
  • Internships last for a period of 8 weeks. 10-week internships may be available in 2018. Internships typically run from June to July, but some flexibility is available.
  • Unfortunately, we do not have summer housing for out-of-town interns. Applicants thus need to be able to commute to Bedford, NY each day.

 Projects for 2018 include:

  • Monitoring coyotes, black bear, and other wildlife in Westchester, NYC, and Fairfield
  • Vegetation sampling, monitoring, and restoration
  • Initiating design and construction of a new educational trail
  • Invasive species control and other land management work
  • Data management, GIS work, and analysis on several long-term projects

All undergraduate students are eligible to apply. Exposure to the fields of ecology, environmental science, or geography is encouraged.

  • Interns must be self-motivated and work well in groups settings.
  • Applicants should be prepared for strenuous work outdoors (e.g. field research and land management projects) as well as perform indoor work when necessary (e.g. data entry and GIS projects).
  • This year the internship will run from June 4 to July 27 — applicants need to be available during this period.

CompensationThis internship is funded with a CCI award of $3,000.00. If you are offered and accept this internship, please be aware that your funding for this position is provided by CCI, and therefore you will be required to complete funded internship paperwork.

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Funded CLIMB Simulator Engineering Intern with Pathfinder Systems, Inc

“An intern with Pathfinder is not just a junior member of the team who will “reproduce papers and get coffee,” but someone with real responsibility of the kind that many young people do not see for many years after entering the work force of a larger organization.”

What is CLIMB?

Colorado Leaders, Interns and Mentors in Business (CLIMB) seeks to educate the leaders of tomorrow through providing high-quality internships and educational experiences. Through the CLIMB program, students from Yale, Middlebury, Brown, Stanford, MIT, Harvard, Wesleyan, Denison and Northwestern McCormick School of Engineering are invited to participate in 10-week internships in the Denver Metro area that complement their collegiate experiences and help them grow as leaders, entrepreneurs, and individuals.

Who is Pathfinder Systems, Inc?

Pathfinder Systems, Inc engages in research and development of new types of training systems for air, ground, sea and space applications with a focus on defense-related training simulators and on research applications for very large remotely piloted aircraft.

About the Internship:

The intern will provide engineering, technical writing, analysis, and hands on lab work, depending on project assignment and intern qualifications. The intern will contribute to product quality and timely delivery. They encourage innovative solutions – what they typically do is build systems never built before. Inventiveness and diligence of interns in pursuing solutions invented is very valuable to them.

Ideal candidates will:

  • have significant, real-world experience as part of a small, dedicated, capable team
  • work on advanced software, making use of the tremendous processing power of Graphic Processing Units
  • see how a simulator emerges from concept through engineering and testing into an operational system
  • report day-to-day to a Program Manager, and will work daily with graduate engineers and professionals
  • be one of two kinds, depending on the intern’s area of studies and inclinations: those with business or humanities backgrounds may be involved with coordination of activities, documentation, and cost estimates; those with engineering or scientific backgrounds could participate in design, development, testing, delivery, and documentation of systems

Does this sound like a good fit for you? Check out the full internship description in Handshake.

Application deadline Friday, March 9th at 7:00 pm.

*If you happen to also speak Dutch speaker, you may, if you wish and the program requires it, travel to the Netherlands approximately for a week with a senior Pathfinder representative!

**If you have at least a Student Pilot certificate, you may, with permission from parents and the CLIMB program and after training by Pathfinder, participate in flight tests as instrumentation operators on board light aircraft!

Vermont Business Strategy & Consulting Summer Internships at Middlebury College

Application deadline March 4th.

For students interested in leading a business, non-profit, or other organization, or in management consulting as a career, this internship provides an in-depth hands-on experience working on key strategic management issues for a local enterprise. The three enterprises and projects are listed below.

Interns will participate in a short orientation in late April on campus and should expect to spend 30 hours per week from June 4 to July 27 on this internship, primarily working on their projects, but also including a weekly review session with the other interns. Interns will receive guidance and mentoring from clients and an experienced management & strategy consultant.

  • $3,000 stipend
  • Eligible for on-campus housing
  • Open to rising sophomores and juniors

Option #1: Middlebury DLINQ: Exploring technology/digital in education and citizenship

Middlebury’s Office of Digital Learning and Inquiry (DLINQ) was launched in Jan 2018 as a result of unifying the Academic Technology Group in Middlebury, the Digital Learning Commons in Monterey, and the Office of Digital Learning. This internship will likely involve designing a system to monitor and measure the Middlebury community’s engagement with DLINQ’s mission and researching market opportunities for online and hybrid courses and programs for Middlebury’s Institute for International Studies. Learn more in Handshake.

Option #2: Opportunities Credit Union: Engaging Impact Investors

A fantastic example of a social enterprise blending solid business practices for community development ends, Opportunities Credit Union (OCU) provides deposit products, ebanking, loans, financial education and counseling to improve the financial stability of community members who other financial institutions may find challenging to serve. In this internship, two Middlebury students will develop and begin implementing a plan for engaging new impact investors. We will need to understand who invested in OCU in the past and identify the needs and interests of today’s impact investors. We will review OCUs financial and community impact track record to create a compelling pitch to these investors, including developing innovative investment or support mechanisms. Finally, we will visit high potential impact investors and explore working relationships with them. Learn more in Handshake.

 Option #3: Carrot (startup): Digital organizational development for small business

Carrot is a local startup co-founded by a recent Middlebury graduate, dedicated to bringing premiere organizational development training, skills and tools to small businesses through digital media. The company draws on leadership and management techniques normally available only to large companies who can afford high-priced consultants, workshops and retreats and is developing a series of online courses and remote coaching systems that can be accessed more cost-effectively by smaller businesses. In this internship, two Middlebury students will work closely with the founders and pilot customers for the startup to “beta-test” the developed materials, providing feedback for the next set of revisions, updates and creating new content ideas based on continuing unmet customer needs. The internship will give hands-on exposure to product development and market research challenges in an entrepreneurial environment. Learn more in Handshake.