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Summer 2017 with the French Heritage Society

A hearty congratulations to Naomi Jabouin, a Bowdoin College undergraduate, and Cameron Flynn, a University of Michigan undergraduate ! These two current students of the Middlebury College School in France program (Naomi in Bordeaux and Cameron in Paris) were recently informed of their acceptance in the French Heritage Society’s summer internship program (http://frenchheritagesociety.org/). Each year, this non-profit organization sends anglophone students into châteaux throughout France to work as bilingual guides. The lucky interns have the opportunity to improve their French, deepen their understanding of the nation’s patrimony and gain some firsthand experience in cultural tourism. Ms. Jabouin will be working this summer at the château de Fontainebleau, while Mr. Flynn has been placed in the château d’Acquigny and the château de Montréal.

Monet and Giverny!

We need only say ‘Giverny’ to lose ourselves in thoughts of fresh scents, rich colors, gorgeous light … No wonder the Impressionist Claude Monet chose this lovely retreat to develop, right up to the end of his life, his chosen arts of painting and gardening. Ten days ago, a number of students from our Paris program stepped into the sensual universe of this grand painter, visiting his house at Giverny along with its garden and famous pond. They were even able to see the special studio Monet made to undertake his Water Lilies, the legendary cycle that currently hangs in the Orangerie museum in Paris. Making the most of the nice weather, they finished the day with a long walk to the neighboring village of Vernon. Many thanks to Lucy and Julie who accompanied the students during the visit.

Pantheon Visit for Students in French Secularism History

On May 3, students in the Middlebury Paris program visited the Pantheon, that illustrious Parisian monument where lie the great men (as, as of recently, the great ladies) of France. This visit concluded the course “French Secularism” given by Professor Nicolas Roussellier. Students were able to enjoy a very interesting and informative tour, led by Dr. Roussellier, who was particularly interested in the history of the Pantheon and its evolution throughout the centuries. We took the time to dwell at length inside the monument to observe its frescoes and tombs. A big thank you to Mr. Nicolas Roussellier for this high quality tour.

Faculty News : Book Publication

Attention all students of modern French literature! Anaïs Frantz, associate researcher with the School in France, has just announced the publication of Lire Violette Leduc aujourd’hui. The book, published under the auspices of the Presses universitaires de Lyon, will appear in the collection « des deux sexes et autres ». Most of our students know Anaïs through her role as professor of methodology here at the Centre Madeleine, where she is always ready with solid advice on dissertations and mémoires. It goes without saying that we are quite proud to have Professor Frantz on our team! She edited this new book alongside Mireille Brioude and Alison Péron: all three scholars will be on hand to present their work during a day of conferences and debates focusing on Violette Leduc, set to take place the 23rd of May at NYU Paris.

Faculty News: WWI Commemoration

For the commemorations marking the 100th Anniversary of the Battle of the Chemin des Dames Ridge, Sunday April 16th in the region of Aisne, historian and School in France faculty member, André Loez, found himself explaining to the Head of State, President François Hollande, the failed French assault on the Germans. For the official press release : http://www.elysee.fr/communiques-de-presse/article/centenaire-de-la-bataille-du-chemin-des-dames/ .

New Faculty Publication

André Loez, historian and professor of a course on World War I history at the Middlebury College School in France, recently co-authored a special issue of the French weekly newspaper, “Le 1” (http://le1hebdo.fr/), on the French Army mutinies of spring 1917.  Professor Loez, along with several other French World War 1 historians, present and analyze the different ways in which the widespread mutiny manifested itself. The special edition also includes several illustrations or drawings, one of which consists of a large color poster of the mutinists signed by Tardi, a well-known French cartoonist.

Regions Project: Charlie Hull

One of our students, Charlie Hull, came into this semester with an awesome a goal for his time abroad: visit every region of France! Here’s what Charlie has to say, accompanied by photos he took, about his project.

“Au début du semestre, j’ai décidé de visiter chacune des régions (pré-2016) de la France continentale. Comme j’ai déjà visité une grande partie de l’Europe, je voulais vraiment découvrir plus de la France. Avec l’aide d’un pass de train illimité, j’ai finalement atteint mon objectif le week-end dernier et j’ai visité toutes les 21 régions de la France.”

“At the beginning of the semester, I decided to visit each region of continental France (as determined pre-2016).  As I have already traveled a lot around Europe, I really wanted to discover more of France.  With the help of an unlimited train pass, I finally reached my goal last weekend and visited all 21 regions of France.” 

le Musée du temps à Besançon

le Halle des Sources à Vichy

un hameau dans le domaine de Chantilly

la Petite Venise à Colmar

St. Emilion

une randonnée dans les Vosges, près de Metzeral