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[Report:] ROUGE TRADERS: The Murky Business of Merbau Timber Smuggling in Indonesia

Click here to read EIA and Telapak’s new report that identifies kingpins in Indonesia’s illegal undercover timber trade.

Undercover investigations by EIA/Telapak in the past year followed the illicit merbau trade in China and Singapore, as well as Surabaya, Makassar and Papua in Indonesia. Merbau is a valuable hardwood used to make flooring, furniture and doors. Within Indonesia, almost all merbau trees are found in Papua in the east of the country. Papua’s forests form part of the last significant tract of intact tropical forests in the Asia-Pacific region. About a quarter of Papua’s forests have gone in the past 12 years. To learn more about these issues and to see what EIA uncovered during their undercover investigations, read the report, and read the press release.