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Great Volunteer Opportunity for Pre-Health Students

Volunteer to spend time with women who have developmental disabilities at their group home in Middlebury. Seeking students who would be interested in coming regularly to play board games, help in the garden, or run craft projects. Interested? Contact Lindsey Fuentes-George, lfuentes-george@csac-vt.org.

You can learn more about other local volunteer opportunities on the Center for Community Engagement website.

Pre-Medical Students: Volunteer Opportunity in Middlebury with UVM Medical Center

The University of Vermont Medical Center hosts an individualized exercise program called Push Back for individuals with Parkinson’s Disease. The program instructor is seeking up to five students who would be interested in volunteering to serve as support providing encouragement, physical help, and direction to people with Parkinson’s Disease participating in the class. The class is active and would be initially offered in Middlebury twice a week during the early afternoon, volunteer training is provided.

If you are interested contact Kimberly Cobb, 802.388.3263 or 802.989.9724.

You can learn more about other local volunteer opportunities on the Center for Community Engagement website.

A Rude Awakening

You’ve probably heard about the importance of being professional, whether it’s an in-person interview, a phone call, or a simple email. But surprisingly, medical schools are often faced with a lack of professionalism from some students. From chronic absences to nasty emails, unprofessional behavior can derail even the most promising medical student’s career. The chair of the Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth’s conduct committee discusses the problem and suggests a solution.

“Only about 1% of our 400 students exhibit poor professionalism. But our committee . . . spends a great deal of effort managing that small group.”

Read the full AAMC article by Julie Kim, MD PhD here.

Five Emerging Medical Specialties

As medicine evolves, so do the types of doctors most needed. Demand for some of these physicians is already high.

Right when her colleagues at Boston Children’s Hospital are leaving at the end of the day, pediatrician Sarah Henry, MD, is just arriving at work. As a nocturnist, Henry has made a career of working the night shift, clocking 10 overnights a month, sleeping mostly during the day, and avoiding typical workday stresses like long commutes.

But the job’s real attractions are less practical. “The hospital at night is a different place than during the day,” Henry says. “There aren’t the meetings and conferences and people coming and going. It’s a leaner, more simplified environment where I can focus on patient care and spend more time with families. That’s something I really value.”

Nocturnists are one of several medical career paths to emerge in recent years, partly in response to medical advances but also to new ways in which health care is delivered. Here are five new specialties, what they entail, and the training needed to pursue them.

Read the full AAMC article by Beth Howard.

Recruiting Captains for the Winter Term EMT Program

CCI is offering a UNIQUE Winter Term 2019 opportunity for Super Senior Febs, Seniors, and Juniors.

The month long J-Term Middlebury Regional EMS EMT Internship is an opportunity typically reserved for First-Year and Sophomore students. For the past two years we selected two upper class students to participate in the internship as class captains. In addition to fulfilling all the course requirements, the captains served as a resource for the younger students and helped out the lead paramedic with blast emails, logistics, and even calling and then picking up a student who had overslept!!! A typical day begins around 7:30 AM with the captain scraping ice off of and warming up a college van, then driving students from ADK Circle to the station house. The day ends with a captain driving the students back to campus between 4:30-5:00 PM and returning the van. You must have a Middlebury College driver’s license or be willing to go through the Middlebury College Driver’s License Program this fall in order to be considered for this opportunity.

The cost of the EMT internship is to be determined; last year it was $650.00 and we anticipate that it will be close to this figure. Students who receive financial aid at Middlebury pay $100.00.

Interested students should email and attach a resume to Hannah Benz (hbenz@middlebury.edu) explaining why this opportunity is a good fit.

Applications are due to Hannah Benz (hbenz@middlebury.edu) by 8/15/2018. Late submissions will not be considered.

Questions? Please email Hannah Benz directly.

Featured Opportunities in Handshake

These jobs (and more) are about to expire in Handshake. Check them out before they’re gone!

Associate Researcher, Mount Sinai Health System – DUE 7/27

The Associate Researcher is an entry research position, responsible for conducting and assisting in routine and standardized experiments using techniques specific to the assigned research project.

Laboratory Research Technician, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute – DUE 8/01

The Research Technician performs professional work in support of scientific research utilizing biopsy samples obtained from patients receiving immuno-therapy.