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Friday Links — on Thursday!

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The Middlebury Community Players is putting on SWINGTIME CANTEEN beginning tonight.   I have now seen the show in rehearsal seven times and it’s been an incredible experience.  This cast is wonderful and they put their hearts and souls into the music and the USO storyline.  I have a favorite song and each night she performs it better and better. (I  had goosebumps last night.)

The Players have free tickets for all WWII veterans so if you know someone, please invite them to join you.  Maybe they once experienced a real USO production… 70 years ago.  Just mention this to the ticket sellers at the Town Hall Theater.

I’m sure you  know most of  the music and you know at least one person on stage.  (Next week  let me know what your favorite part was!)


Thursday-Saturday, July 19-21 at 8 pm;  Matinees Saturday & Sunday, July 21 & 22 at 2 pm



Friday links – July 13, 2012

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It is Friday the 13th, are you prepared for a Zombie attack? (from the Office of Public Health Preparedness and Response – Centers for Disease Control and Prevention).

This week was the 65th anniversary of the report of a UFO crash in Roswell, NM.  The Huffington Post reports numerous witnesses and government officials claim the report was true.  You decide.


Friday links roundup 6-17

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For our next all-LIS Staff meeting…: Talk-o-Meter: Monitoring flow and balance in conversation

Using map software to solve a James Joyce riddle: Yes! It is possible to cross Dublin without passing a pub.

Illustrious Omnibus of Superpowers. Which would you choose?

Friday links roundup

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This link was in Brenda’s report on the Vermont Library Conference. Good resource on evaluating health information on the web.

Now for some random how-tos:
How to clean your keyboard. (Warning – includes gross photos of grimy keyboards.)

How to, er, tie your shoes:

Friday links roundup

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Some Gmail accounts of government officials and others were hacked recently. Keep yours safe.

The contents of libraries (inside and outside of their walls) have been described using MARC format for decades. Is it time to move on?

Wednesday Fun

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Happy Thanksgiving from everyone in LIS!

Here’s a, um, holiday treat:

Friday fun

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A follow-up from some weeks ago: