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October EFAP News: Coping with Serious or Chronic Conditions


Protecting Our Precious Lives: Cancer Awareness

October 18th 

12-1pm and 3-4pm    EST

11-12pm and 2-3pm  CST

10-11am and 1-3pm  MST

9-10am and 12-1pm  PST

This webinar examines the steps we each have to take toward becoming healthier, with a focus on prevention as the ultimate goal. We’ll round out the session with a discussion of breast, ovarian, prostate and other cancer risk factors to consider; self-care strategies; and what we can do to empower ourselves to make positive lifestyle choices.

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Coping Strategies:  When You or Your Child has a Chronic Condition

Handling the day to day challenges of a chronic illness can be overwhelming. Often those affected with chronic medical conditions struggle with feelings of anger, hopelessness, or devastating sadness. Loved ones may also find the situation difficult and emotionally ache with similar symptoms.


Usually, the first reaction is why is this happening to me? Or, what did I do to cause or deserve this? Being diagnosed with a chronic condition is scary, and sometimes you had nothing to do with the cause – it could be genetic or you may have been exposed to something that caused the illness. You may go through a plethora of emotions from anger, sadness, confusion, stress, embarrassment, and fear to depression. All of this is normal.

Not only do you need to work with your doctors on the best course for your health, you also need to invest time in supporting yourself. Here are some suggestions:

  • Educate yourself on your condition. Knowledge is power. Learn how to live your best life possible with your condition. If you have questions, make sure you log them and bring them to your next doctor’s appointment. Your doctor is the expert on the condition, but you are the expert on yourself and what is going on with you.
  • Research and implement lifestyle changes that will improve your health. Your life and habits may need to change. You may not be able to control your disease, but you can control your diet and exercise.
  • Be sure to learn and incorporate into your lifestyle evidence based guidelines for managing your chronic illness (for example, if you have diabetes be sure to schedule foot and eye exams every year).
  • Be patient with yourself. Give yourself time to accept the diagnosis, make changes, and embrace the “new you.”
  • Find ways to decrease your stress, ex. walking the dog, scheduling a set lunch with a friend every week, or reading a book. If you are overwhelmed, you may need to temporarily or permanently drop some obligations. Do what you can to lighten your load right now.
  • If you are still struggling, reach out for help. Surround yourself with compassionate people. Find a support group or call E4 Health.


You and your child are probably going through the complete range of emotions. You may even be angry with your spouse, the doctors, or the entire world. That is understandable.

  • Tackle the condition head-on. Research and educate yourself on your child’s condition and share age appropriate information with our child. Kids pick up on more than you think from conversations.
  • Try to manage your stress so you won’t increase our child’s stress. Stress is contagious that way, and your response will influence your child’s reactions.
  • Talk to your child about their feelings and let them ask questions. Their concerns and fears may be completely different from yours. Help your child, as age appropriately as they can, learn how to answer questions about their condition if you aren’t around, for example at school.
  • If you have other children, make time for them. They are probably scared and confused too, or may even feel guilty. In all the chaos, be sure to have some one-on-one time with them.
  • Find your support team. Your child, you, and other family members will need a strong support system. Reach out to support groups for your child’s illness as others who have been down this path may be able to help you. Contact a counselor through E4 Health to help your family through this difficult time.



E4 Health is a free, confidential service that’s available to you as well as your immediate household family members. We are available any time, any day to assist with any work or life issue that matters to you and your family.


For professional counseling and supportive resources, call or log on any time, any day.

e4health administers the College’s EFAP program.  To access their comprehensive web site, with many tools and articles, go to the e4health web site.
Username:  middlebury college
Password:    guest
Or call them at: 800-828-6025
(phones are answered 24 hours a day, 7 days a week)

Academic Roundtables

ctlr-bannerMark your calendars for these upcoming events:

Envisioning Learning Spaces

Tuesday, October 11, 2016 – 12:15 – 1:30 pm – LIB 105A

Envisioning Undergraduate Research

Tuesday, November 8, 2016 – 12:15-1:30 pm – Library CTLR Suite

Envisioning the Library

Tuesday, December 13, 2016 – 12:15-1:30 pm – Library 105A


Sponsored by the Center for Teaching, Learning and Research and the Library

TIAA Webinars: New Programs on Retirement Readiness

TIAA plan sponsor webinar lineup offers you even more insights and solutions via live, interactive Q&A’s with experienced subject matter experts. You can register for upcoming titles and/or be able to access topic-specific resources and on-demand presentations after the webinars with TIAA’s resource page: http://tiaa.org/ve .

Here’s a sneak peek at the Fall lineup:


Facilitated Conversations Go Virtual


Envisioning Middlebury committee members engage in a brainstorming exercise.

As part of Envisioning Middlebury, we have been holding facilitated conversations since last spring to capture a wide range of answers to the questions “Who are we and what are our deepest values?” “What does the future look like?” and “Where do we want to go?” One of the first things we learned is that the conversations got more interesting when they included the perspectives of multiple roles, across multiple programs. This fall’s conversations are being held via videoconference, so that faculty, staff and students from the Institute and the College can mix things up, sharing the things that are different from program to program, and the things we have in common.  Facilitator Tobi Marcus is alternating between the two campuses, and is just completing a week in Vermont.  In October, she will be in Monterey, but folks from the Middlebury campus are encouraged to participate.  Participants from both campuses can sign up online.

Also this week, the Envisioning Middlebury Steering Committee and the Envisioning Middlebury Advisory Committee held their kick-off meeting, with most members gathered on the Middlebury campus, and others joining from Monterey, Madrid, and Massachusetts – a definite M-theme there – and New York. You can learn more about these two committees and their work on the Envisioning Middlebury website. Look for them to engage with the community in a variety of ways as they to develop a Vision and Strategic Directions for Middlebury.


Photography Exhibit on Syrian Refugee Crisis Opens at MIIS

syrian-photoA new Global Perspectives Gallery opened this week in the Samson Reading Room at the Institute. Sponsored by the Committee on Art in Public Places, the first exhibit in the new gallery features photographs taken by alumna Sumaya Agha during her work documenting the Syrian Refugee Crisis. More of her work can be seen on the website of Mercy Corps, where she served on the communications team documenting the lives of refugees. Sumaya’s work has also appeared in Huffington Post, BBC Focus on Africa, Forbes Africa, NPR.org, and The New York Times.

Sumaya gave a gallery talk on September 27, and her work will remain on display in Samson. If you work at, or are visiting the Monterey campus, stop in and view the photos.

The Committee on Art in Public Places came into existence at MIIS last year as a way of adding a visual dimension to what our campus says about who we are, and it has focused on the many ways our students and alumni engage with people, cultures, and environments around the world. It was inspired by, and has sought advice from the Committee on Art in Public Places at Middlebury.

Grant Opportunities for Innovative Ideas! Attend the FFI information session!


Do you have an innovative project or idea? Then come to the Fund for Innovation (FFI) information session Friday, September 30th from 12:15pm-1:30pm in Axinn 229!

The FFI seeks to fund the unconventional and experimental, and projects must somehow tie back into the Middlebury experience. You can find out more about the FFI’s background, mission, and various funded projects on our website: go.middlebury.edu/ffi

Any questions? Email Galen Anderson (gmanders@miis.edu) or Michael Dola (mdola@middlebury.edu)!