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Tweeting 88 Keys

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Ross Common Heads Pavlos Sfyroeras and Maria Hatjigeorgiou, Professor Bettina Matthias and MCFA Events/Administrative Coordinator Shannon Bohler-Small organized a small post-concert reception following the Paul Lewis piano recital. This reception was exclusively for the students in Matthias’ first year seminar class “The Cultural History of the Piano.”

We tweeted a small amount of the conversation (below) that transpired between pianist Lewis and the students. What would YOU have liked to ask Paul Lewis?

Not Dead Yet

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Film and Media Culture professor Hope Tucker has a thing for outmoded instruments surpassed by modern technologies.

First-Year students are required to choose a seminar within their residential commons to experience familiarity and confidence in a small class among peers.

And thus, a course is born.

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“Dead Technologies,” with Tucker at the helm and a dozen first-years from Wonnacott Commons, is one of 45 first-year seminars. Like all first year seminars, the course is a good introduction to academic expectations at Middlebury and combines a writing intensive syllabus with analysis, research and comprehension skills. In addition to providing a comfortable all-freshmen class, first-year seminars create an opportunity for faculty to teach something that may not be in their area of professional study. So Tucker gets to explore a personal interest—and the students get to learn something a little off the beaten path for a typical intro-level class.