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Bookstore Winner’s

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The College Bookstore Candy Corn Contest!

The College Bookstore recently had a contest for participants to offer guesses on the number of candy corn we had in a glass jar.

We are pleased to introduce the winner’s of that contest.

Our Winner was Teddy Gold with a count of 450 and the Runner Up was Leah Lavigne with a  count of 460.  Each winner will receive a basket of goodies.



Fall Family Weekend Attire!

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Athletic Gear!

We are gearing up for our Fall Family Weekend with sports apparel. This weekend, Football will be a big attraction for the 1:30 Football game against Williams on Saturday. Show your support in a classic style Football hat or Football tee like this Russell tee pictured.Football13

 For those Soccer fans who will be attending the 2:00 and 2:30 Saturday (Trinity) and Sunday (Hamilton) games, we have tees and hats available to help support the teams like this hat from Legacy pictured below.




You will find Field Hockey sports apparel in the store as well like this one pictured from  Russell brand for watching the 2:00 Saturday game against Trinity and the 1:00 Sunday game against Hamilton.FHtee  

Volleyball is also playing a couple of games this weekend, Friday at 4:00 against Amherst and Saturday at 3:00 against Williams.  Check out the volleyball apparel like this Legacy hat below.



We also have Hockey, Rugby, LaCrosse, Crew, Swimming and Diving, Baseball, Basketball, Skiing, Squash, Cross County, Track and Field, and Tennis sports apparel available. 

For your convenience we are including a link to our website:

College Bookstore

For the latest styles not up on our website yet, come in and check them out!

Our Fall Family Weekend hours are-

Saturday 9:00-5:00

Sunday 9:00-3:00

Monday – Friday

8:30 am – 5:00 pm

Stay Warm!

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new jackets


Middlebury College Bookstore has it all

Now that it is cooler in the mornings, a new Middlebury College jacket is just the ticket to keep you warm.  We have new jackets in a variety of styles to choose from for both him and her.  You will find styles from light weight wind-breakers to warmer jackets by great brands like Under Armour, Charles River, Ouray, Core 365 by North End and many others.  

New Faculty 2013

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New Faculty 2013


Top row (l to r):  Michael Jordan, David Rodriguez-Solás, Robert Moeller, Glen Ernstrom, Clarissa Parker, Joseph Holler

Middle row (l to r):  Christopher Andrews, Heather Richards-Rissetto, Ananya Christman, Alla Fil, Taejin Hwang, Katrina Schweikert, Daniel Silva, Fernando Aguirre

Front row (l to r):  Racha Moussa, AJ Vasiliou, Jennifer Tamas, Felipe Quintanilla, Eilat Glikman, Timothy Portice

Not pictured:  Benjamin Allred, Sonja Burrows, Jessica Evans, Benjamin Graves, Colby Horn, Emily Hoyler, Xiaojie Jiang, Fusun Koksal, Tomer Levi, Evis Mezini, Marybeth Nevins, Houda Al-Rihawi, Huiling Yang

New Midd Fall Line Up

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New Fall line up1The College Bookstore is the place to go to see the newest styles on campus!  New dri-fit

We have new styles of moisture wicking tee’s for both him and her in fabulous colors.

New Fall Lineup3

Along with a new look for our staple clothing in brighter hues.

New fall Polo's

Our Polo’s even get a new look for them as well.

We cannot leave out  Long sleeved tees and sweatshirts for the upcoming cooler days!

New Fall Linup 2

Come in and check us out!

2012 Flexible Spending Claim Submission Deadline

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Do you still have money left in your FSA account?  If so, time is running out!  2012 Flexible Spending Account Participants have until midnight (ET) on March 15, 2013  to submit claims for services provided in the calendar year 2012. All claims should be sent to CBA Blue via:

• Fax at 888.291.0920

• Mail to :

CBA Blue
PO Box 2365
S. Burlington, VT 05407-2365

Claim forms can be found in the HR office or go/flex

Per IRS Regulations, all remaining balances after March 15th will be forfeited. Don’t let this happen to you!

If you have questions about your Flexible Spending Accounts contact CBA Blue at 1-888-222-9206 or Lisa Hoff at x3372.

Drawing On the Wall

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The American artist Sol LeWitt was widely known in the 1960s for the temporary wall drawings he devised for others to produce per his instructions as part of a growing Minimalism movement.

In what might be the epitome of hands-on learning, a group of art history students installed LeWitt’s Wall Drawing #394 last week as part of their class, “Minimalism: Art, Objects, and Experience,” with professor Eddie Vazquez.

The drawing came to Middlebury’s Museum of Art with a detailed set of instructions, including specifications for materials used and orientation of lines. Museum designer Ken Pohlman and preparator Chris Murray created the pencil grid guidelines, and each student could choose from a limited selection of lines to draw. The whole process took about 50 hours to complete, and the finished product will be on view in the Overbrook Gallery through April 21.