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iPad Give-a-Way

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iPad Give-a-wayWe gave away a brand new iPad 3rd Generation during our Student Appreciation night before the Holiday break to a very grateful Senior.  When asked if she was going to give that as a gift, she replied that she thought she would like to keep the iPad for herself.

The iPad is a light-weight alternative to bringing your Mac to class.  You can take notes, check email, write your papers and give a presentation by hooking up directly to overhead projectors with them.   We have many selections including the iPad Mini which was the hottest new item for the 2012 Year.

Look for more student appreciation events in the future.

News for our Apple Authorized Tech, Ark Lemal-

We are seeing many laptops coming in with water and/or “sticky substance” damage which could have been prevented by purchasing a keyboard cover to help reduce the possibility of liquid getting at your keyboard when cramming for finals.

Ark Lemal’s hours will remain Monday, Wednesday and Friday afternoons this semester.

New iPad Mini

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This new addition to the Apple family will be in the College Bookstore by next week.  This mini is now only 7.9 inches compared to its larger sibling which is 10 inches.  Apple wants the owner to experience the beautiful screen and enjoy all the capabilities of a regular iPad, so their screen is larger than a tablet for better viewing of movies, pictures and documents…and it is easier for reading and interacting with than on a tablet.  These new iPad mini’s also make the iPad more affordable now with the starting price of $329.00 for a 16GB WiFi only model versus the starting price of the regular iPad is $499.00 for the 16GB WiFi only model.  We can take pre-orders on them so you are guaranteed one as soon as they are in. The Holidays are Coming! Call us at 802/443-2038 for options.

Welcome Language School Students!

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We would like to welcome the Language School Students.  We also wanted to let you know about our Apple Campus Store, where you can find all you Mac needs as well as bring your Mac in for repair.  We have our Apple Authorized Tech here Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays in the afternoon.

You will find the latest Mac’s here next week including the featured 15″ Mac with Retina Display.

Middfiles Update!

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I see Students, Faculty and Staff almost every week who have lost data from a failed hard drive on their Mac or PC due to not backing up that important data- those papers, photos, theses, music, even book’s they are in the process of writing.  I cannot stress enough how important it is to utilize the free back up space we have here on campus.  It is equally important to remember to back up on a regular basis.

Since LIS worked so hard on updating Middfiles, I thought it would be a good ideas to remind Apple users how to put the Middfiles shortcut in your dock for a quick back up of all your important work.  Click on the link below to connect to the server.  Then type smb://middfiles.middlebury.edu/middfiles into the server address box.  When the Middfiles folder is up and you can see the title as Middfiles on the Middfiles folder, drag the icon next to that title to your dock next to (but not in) the trash icon in your dock.



Now you are ready take on the task of backing up starting with just a click on the icon in your dock!


Mac Protection!

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There are creatures of habit out there who just know what is best for their Mac to help protect it from scratches, getting dirty or gooey!  We get plenty of Mac’s in here for repair whose owners are clearly not the “creatures of habit” a fore mentioned.  The Mac’s are scratched, dented and grungy or the keyboards are encrusted with unknown particles.  These Mac’s have a shorter life and die an early, sad death.  To help preserve the life of your Mac, new or otherwise, keep it in a Neoprene or Case and get a keyboard cover to keep the crumbs out when your cramming during finals in a few weeks!

Inevitably, we get a few Students (Faculty and Staff too) who come in saddened or distressed that their Mac is “dying” during finals weeks due to issues related to liquid damage that may have been thwarted by a keyboard cover.  Often liquid can “destroy” the logic board which will rust up due to any liquid nearing it.

We sell keyboards in many colors including clear which makes it almost impossible to see one is the doing the job of saving your Mac!  Find them on the link below!

Keyboard Covers

iPad 3

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The iPad 3 is here for sale!!


Apple’s newest iPad with the new A5X Chip with Quad-Core Graphics has arrived!! All that technical talk actually means better graphics with more pixels and a little “power brain” (the A5X chip) that drives power to all of the 3.1 million pixels to deliver outstanding graphics.  The response time of using your finger-tips to control everything is faster because of the Quad-Care graphics processing power.  Our Demo Models should be arriving by the end of the week so you can try them out for yourself to see the difference. until then, i am including a link below that shows a close up of just how beautiful the graphics are.

iPad 3 Graphics link

Mac 101

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We recently had a Switching to Mac Workshop for those Mac users who needed to brush up on their Mac skills and for others who needed help from the bottom up, the beginners or the want-to-be Mac owners looking for some lessons before they entered into the new frontier of the Mac OS X simplicity.  We were told it was very informative.

The next day however, I was approached by an attendee who needed more in-depth help.  I showed some basics with our Mac’s at the Apple Desk in the Bookstore and then sent the individual to Mac 101- the Grand Tour Introduction.  You can actually start with Mac 101 which is a Getting Started with Mac tutorial assistance link provided by Apple. There is also a Mac 101- Mac Essentials which includes helpful pictures.

After you’re more comfortable with the basics, you can visit Mac 101- All Work and Play for help with different applications like TextEdit, Safari, File sharing, iChat, VoiceOver and many other fun apps.  So for those of you out there, who would like more tutorial instructional assistance, just follow the links provided for a look into the other world, allusive to some, the world of Mac OS X.