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Technology Helpdesk Relocation

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Come Monday May 17 the LIS Technology Helpdesk will be relocating from LIB135 to LIB125.  Our actual move of Helpdesk functions will begin Friday May 14 at 3:00pm.  While the Helpdesk functions are being relocated to LIB125 the Helpdesk Student Consultants located at our Walk-In Helpdesk Center in LIB202 will be open for business to receive calls and process problems.  The staff during the relocation will be engaged in the move.  There should be minimal impact to our users during this move and we are confident that we will be back in full operation late Monday morning May 17.  Thank you in advance for your patience and understanding during this transition time.

James Beauchemin x2019
Technology Help and Support Manager

LIS Staff Relocation Plan, May 6th

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In the interest of sharing this much anticipated plan with everyone as soon as possible, below please see the LIS Staff Relocation Plan that LIS Administration approved this afternoon.   It’s a working document, not a formal one, so please excuse any name abbreviations or spelling errors.  It shows where LIS staff will be located on three floors of the Davis Family Library.   In the coming days we will work with Facilities Services to turn this plan into a move schedule and we will share that schedule widely as soon as possible.

As you know, we are undertaking these moves as soon as possible because the College needs us to vacate the 2nd floor of Voter Hall so that it can be turned into student housing before students arrive for the fall semester.

Thanks to everyone who worked with their managers to help draft the plan, and thanks especially to those who were given few, if any options because our options were generally very limited.   Having said that however, I believe that many of the location changes will be improvements in the long run.  Thanks for your continued patience and forbearance.   Stay tuned….   and here it is….

LIS Staff Relocation Plan May 6th