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Bark Break

It’s hard not to smile in the presence of a puppy. And since it’s exam period here on campus, counseling center director Ximena Mejia thought dogs would be just the thing to help stressed-out students relax. So with the help of about six furry friends from an organization called Therapy Dogs of Vermont, Mejia and others gave a non-stop string of students an excuse to take a break this week in Coltrane Lounge. Much laughter ensued—with plenty of wet kisses shared—before the two-legged creatures slumped back to the library.

Library Exam Hours

24 hoursThe Main Library will be providing extended hours during the last week of classes and the exam period. 24/7 hours start on Sunday 5/2 and end at 8 pm on Tuesday 5/18. Bring your ID – card access required after 11 pm. Check here for up to date hours at all Libraries. Good luck with exams. Remember to eat and sleep!