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Why I’m Not Scratching My Head About The State Of The Election Today

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Steve Lombardo, a former Romney adviser in 2008, writes this in his Huffington Post column today: “Any serious observer of the presidential election has to be scratching his/her head. In mid-September Obama was on track for reelection because Romney, at … Continue reading

The 2012 Election: Polarized Voters – Or Polarized Choices?

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I want to pick up a discussion I began in this post at the Economist’s Democracy in America site regarding political science election forecast models. At this point in the presidential race, less than 100 days before the election, some … Continue reading

The GDP Numbers Are In – Do They Say Obama Will Win?

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The much awaited second quarter GDP growth figure came out yesterday and, while it wasn’t a disaster, neither was it particularly good sign for the economy – or for President Obama’s reelection chances.  The government’s first estimate (they often revise … Continue reading