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How to Have a Purposeful Job Search

Carolyn Birsky ‘10.5 offers students a different way of approaching the job search process and avoid the trap of taking any job they can get their hands on. Students leave this event with a framework to self-inventory their strengths, values, along with a set of clear, actionable ways to conduct a purposeful job search. Ultimately, they will set themselves up to land a job that best suits them post-graduation, one that positions them for growth instead of frustration.

If you would like to attend this workshop, please sign up here in handshake. Pizza will be served!

Education careers that take you out of the classroom

Don’t Want to be in the Classroom? Try One of These Careers in Education Instead

Often during my advising appointments with students here at Middlebury, I speak with students about how much they enjoy the direct experiences they’ve had working with youth during summer camp counseling jobs or through their volunteer mentoring, but have the distinct knowledge that they don’t want to be teaching in a classroom. What advice could I give them? So when I came across this article by on the Idealist.org Careers job search blog, I thought it fitting for students to help explore the many different ways one can go about staying in an education-related job without having to be in front of the classroom. Check out the article and its many links to cool opportunities here.

Don’t Want to be in the Classroom? Try One of These Careers in Education Instead

Education Teaching & Outdoor Adventure Events @ CCI

October 30 @ 6pm: Educator’s Ally – “Navigating Your Job Search in Independent Schools: Learn how to best position yourself for a successful job search in the competitive independent school market.” Sign up here on Handshake:  https://middlebury.joinhandshake.com/events/80548/share_preview

October 30 @ 7pm: Apogee Adventures – Lead experiential-education and adventure programs throughout the United States, Europe, and the Caribbean in the summer of 2018. Sign up here on Handshake:  https://middlebury.joinhandshake.com/events/77247/share_preview


Teaching Alumni Panel on Thursday

The Education Studies Program presents “A Panel of Alumni Teachers: What’s it like to make the move from Middlebury to your own classroom?” Join Middlebury alumni Clifford Alexander ’15, Missan DeSouza ’14, Tim Garcia ’14, Megan LaCasse Mercier ’14, and Emily Owens ’08 as they address your questions on Thursday, October 26 at 7:30pm in Twilight Auditorium.

UNH offers M.Ed. Opportunity for STEM Undergrads

Teacher Residency for Rural Education (TRRE) is a grant-funded program from the U.S. Department of Education which prepares teachers to work in rural, high-need NH schools. TRRE offers an opportunity for individuals to earn a master’s degree in education from UNH and an initial NH teacher certification in elementary or secondary, math or science. Accepted residents participate in a summer institute, a community internship, and a year-long residency at a partnership school in rural NH.

Teaching residents are provided with a $28,000 living stipend, new laptop computer, and 50% tuition discount during the 15-month program. In return, residents commit to working in a rural, high- needs NH school for three years upon graduation, during which time they benefit from two years of mentoring and induction support.

Interested? Learn more online.

Deadline 11/5! FULLY FUNDED Student Tech Trek to San Francisco Bay Area During Feb Break!

Meet Midd alumni in the TECHNOLOGY industry for an opportunity to network and job shadow during Feb break!

The Center for Careers and Internships and the Computer Science Department are partnering with the Technology Middlebury Professional Network (MPN) to provide a FULLY DONOR-FUNDED “Student Trek” to the San Francisco Bay Area over February break. This is an opportunity to explore all areas of the tech industry and gain insight into real-world professional experiences from Middlebury alumni. This CCI student Trek is a unique “living and learning” cohort experience that will help you apply your liberal arts learning to your career exploration and connect you with professionals in your field of interest!

Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors in ALL MAJORS are eligible to apply.

APPLY NOW! Applications due Sunday, November 5th

Questions? Contact Mary Lothrop.

Sushi & Social Change: Work on Purpose – FFW Sat., Oct 14 @ 11am in Coltrane

DURING FALL FAMILY WEEKEND THIS SATURDAY @ 11:00AM: Bring your parents, bring your roommate(s), bring your friends. Join the CCI for some delicious sushi and lots of incredible conversations about bringing purpose and passion to the life you want to live!