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Hot HANDSHAKE w/o 12/11: Jobs, Internships in Education

Below is a sampling of Handshake opportunities that have upcoming deadlines:

Fixed Testing Center Assistant, Learning Strategies, at Gonzaga University – due 12/12

Work as a Program Assistant at Gonzaga University’s Center for Student Academic Success in Spokane, WA.

Full Time Instructor/Teacher/Tutor at Axiom Learning – due 12/12

Work in Boston at an innovative hub for smart, idealistic people transforming the future of education.

Teachers for Middle & High School (Certification not Required) at Teach Kentucky – due 12/14

Teach full-time in priority public middle schools and high schools in the greater Lousville, Kentucky area.

Behavior Support Specialist at Uncommon Schools – due 12/15

Work at a nonprofit that manages outstanding urban charter public schools to close the achievement gap and prepare low-income students to graduate from college.

Teach English in Indonesia at EF Education First – due 12/15 

Pre K-12 Teaching Apprentice Program at Berwick Academy – due 12/15



Privilege & Poverty National SHECP Internship

Since 2005, Middlebury College has participated in the Shepherd Higher Education Consortium on Poverty (SHECP) to support students in summer internships with agencies that seek to work alongside vulnerable populations. Internships are available to non-graduating Middlebury students and are located in urban and rural settings throughout the United States with agencies that serve in educational, healthcare, legal, housing, social and economic capacities for the needs of individuals and their communities.

The SHECP integrates rigorous academic study and focused direct service to disadvantaged communities and persons, enriching the education of undergraduate students in all majors and career paths. This national summer internship program is the flagship program of SHECP, providing students with opportunities to blend theory and practice.

At Middlebury, the internship program is part of our Privilege & Poverty Academic Cluster. Privilege & Poverty is a curricular initiative that brings together faculty, students, and staff interested in studying economic inequality—its causes, its effects on human communities and the environment, and even the language with which we talk about the “privileged” and the “poor.” P&P engages students in issue-based learning in a dynamic and interdisciplinary format, one that combines the resources from many traditional departments and programs with “real world” internships in agencies working to alleviate poverty. Privilege & Poverty takes your first-rate Middlebury education and applies it directly to one of the world’s most vexing social problems.

Applicants who are selected for this internship will become will become a part of a Privilege & Poverty cohort that will prepare together during spring semester, participate in the summer internship, regroup for reflection upon their return to campus, and have options to engage in additional pursuits throughout the academic year.

Internships offered in: Healthcare, Law, Economic Development, Education, Environmental Justice, Housing, Hunger, Women’s Advocacy, Youth Programs, the Arts, and more.

Sample locations include: Boston; New York; Washington, DC; Phillips County, Arkansas; Navajo Reservation, Arizona; Atlanta, GA; Burlington, Vt; Camden, NJ; Cleveland, OH; Louisville, KY; New York, NY Chester, PA; Austin, TX; Lexington and Richmond, VA; Charleston, WV; and more.

For a complete list of internship offerings and job descriptions visit the Privilege & Poverty website (go/privnpov) and view the internship information. Applicants need to research the internships offered and identify their top three choices as part of the application process. The SHECP program coordinator will then review and finalize placements with each accepted intern.


  1. Demonstrated interest in poverty alleviation;
  2. Academic experience in the study of poverty and/or poverty-related themes. (Some preference will be given to students who have taken INTD/RELI 298 Privilege & Poverty, but the course is not a requirement to apply.)
  3. Strong communication and interpersonal skills, with ability and commitment to collaborate across difference;
  4. Self-motivated, reliable, and able to work both independently and with a team;
  5. Well organized with multi-tasking abilities;
  6. Commitment to support participation in cohort-based learning and work;
  7. Willingness and dedication to learn quickly and take direction;
  8. Empathy to engage with people who will likely have experienced trauma.

Students must have insurance that can cross state lines; please contact Tiffany Sargent if any help is needed regarding this. Participants must also be able to start on Thursday, June 7, 2018 and continue through Sunday, Aug. 5, 2018.

Apply in Handshake!

J-term workshop “Explore What’s Next” – sign up now

Have you ever wondered how to connect the dots between your interests, personality and skills? Engage in group activities and self-reflection for a few hours this Winter Term, and emerge with a framework that will move you toward intentional decision-making. We’ll discuss:

  • Your unique personality type
  • Decisions about your major
  • Activities at Middlebury
  • Internships and other relevant experiences

You’ll create a roadmap and a means to “unstick” yourself from the expectations heaped on you. This interactive 3-session series will provide you with the “life” tools and strategies for planning your next steps during your time here at Middlebury and beyond.

Ideal for first-years and sophomores. Must commit to attending all three sessions (Tuesdays Jan 9, 16, 23 from 4:30pm-6:00pm). PIZZA included!

Please register here:  http://www.middlebury.edu/student-life/community-living/activities/winter-term


9 Holiday Cards You Need to Send Your Network and What to Write in Each One

“I love sending cards. Not just because they’re satisfying to write, but because they have career-changing effects . No really, it’s led to mentorships, freelancing opportunities—even job offers!

Luckily for me, peak card-sending time—a.k.a., the holidays—is here. If you want to get in on the game, check out the list of nine people in your professional life who’d love to get a card, templates included.”

Check out the full article for the list people and helpful templates

Author: Aja Frost @ The Muse
Aja Frost is a freelance writer specializing in business, tech, career advice, and productivity. Check out her website or say hi on Twitter.

Quick Tips to Overcome the Job Search Stress… from a current senior!

For seniors, post-graduation plans have become a daily topic of discussion. Surrounded by this constant and collective stress, it can be hard to remember that we will take different paths after graduation, which means we are all in unique phases of the search process. I have had too many conversations in which peers compare themselves to each other, even though they are pursuing completely different careers.

Something I have learned from working as a Peer Career Advisor at the CCI is that every industry has their own hiring schedule. For example, finance and consulting firms typically recruit for vacancies a year or more in advance of a start date. Their applications open as early as June or July. This means that right now students interested in these fields are overwhelmed with internship and job search tasks.

However, it is important to remember that not every industry works this way. For those of us interested in politics, non-profit work, media, and more, we will likely be submitting the bulk of our applications in the spring. The opportunities are out there, even if they may not be front and center on job listings. For example, even over the course of the semester, I’ve noticed a gradual increase in job and internship postings from these sectors on Handshake.

Another way to respond to the stress is to take proactive steps when you have a little free time. Take five minutes between classes or on the weekend to make sure you are ready for deadlines that will come up in the winter or spring. Here are several ideas to get you started!

  1. Get a sense of the jobs/industries that are exciting to you. Browse postings in Handshake. Research organizations. Identify places that would be a good fit and keep track of them. Stay organized so that when you want to apply, you already have this information collected.
  2. Consider a broad range of options. Don’t narrow your focus just yet. Keep all options on the table by researching a variety of industries and functions.
  3. Stay in touch with your network (or create a network!). Alumni, employers, teachers, and advisors. Just like you would with any friend, check in with the folks who have been helpful in your academic and professional journeys. Ask how they are doing and give them an update on your life.
  4. Edit your resume. You never know when you’ll meet someone in the field that interests you. Take a few minutes to make sure your most recent jobs, internships, and activities are included. Stop by Quick Questions (M-F, 12:30pm-4pm) at the CCI to meet with someone (like me!) and review your resume. No appointment needed! If you’re busy throughout the day, we also have evening hours – visit go/cci for times and locations.

This is a stressful year for many of us (as if I haven’t already stated the obvious enough). When I feel nervous, doing one of these tasks helps me feel balanced again. I hope it helps you too.

Hazel Millard ’18 is a Peer Career Advisor at the CCI and is a History major. In her role, she helps students develop resumes and cover letters, prepare for interviews, and access helpful job and internship search resources such as Handshake.

Hot EDUCATION Listings w/o 11/27: Jobs, Internships, Fellowships


Here are some of this week’s Handshake internships, jobs and fellowships that might be of interest for you in the areas of education/teaching opportunities. Don’t forget to check out the Career Path Education Top Resources links for many more opportunities in the sectors of education/teaching, administration & outdoor educational opportunities:

Middle School Program Coordinator at Breakthrough New York – due 11/30

Change the lives of NYC middle schoolers by leading the first two years of their path as BTNY students and ensuring their placement into top high schools.

Teach English Abroad in South Korea – due 11/30

Psychology Expeditions Teacher at Summit Public Schools – due 11/30

Kindergarten Teacher at Imagine School in Dayton, OH – due 11/30

Spanish Teaching Assistant at Summit Public Schools in Tacoma, WA – due 12/1

Science Teacher at Mastery Charter Schools – due 12/1

Camp Program Assistant at ECHO, Leahy Center for Lake Champlain – due 12/1

Work to deliver educational experiences for children participating in ECHO camps for youth grades 1-5.


CCI-Funded Summer Internships with Onward Israel

Would you like to intern in Israel this summer?  Thanks to a generous donor, CCI is offering three $1500 grants for students to intern in Israel through Onward Israel.  Onward Israel offers students 6-10 week internships in areas ranging from technology, arts, social justice, health, politics and more, to help students gain valuable work experience as well as develop a long-lasting connection with Israel and a strong commitment to Jewish life and community.

Students interested in this opportunity should apply directly to Onward Israel, be accepted, and then contact Cheryl Whitney Lower at CCI.  Awards of $1500 to help cover program fees and airfare will be given on a first-come, first-served basis.  If you are offered and accept this internship, please be aware that your funding for this position is provided by CCI, and therefore you will complete all CCI funding requirements, such as applications and evaluations.  Participation in this program will also be contingent on a 2nd-level travel review by Middlebury’s Global Operations Committee.

Eligible students: first-years, sophomores, and juniors.

Click on the icon below for Onward Israel’s application information.