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New to the library: statistics and GIS data

A quantitative statistics portal with over 60,000 topics on agriculture, finance, politics, and many more. Search in either German or English

China Data Online (China Data Center)

*Now with census data and GIS spatial data

(*GIS spatial data through China Geo-Explorer II works best with Internet Explorer. We have been experiencing some bugs on IE and various browsers and we are working on the problem with the China Data Center. We should have it remedied soon.)

A statistical database with the following datasets:

  • Monthly Statistics
  • National Statistics
  • Provincial Statistics
  • City Statistics
  • County Statistics
  • Monthly Industrial Data
  • Monthly Industrial Data 1999-2002
  • Yearly Industrial Data
  • Yearly Industrial Data 1999-2002
  • Statistics on Map
  • Provincial Yearbook (2002 – )
  • Provincial Yearbook ( – 2001)
  • City Yearbook
  • National Yearbook

China Data Center offers some freebies on its website, including a list of geo-spatial vector data including lakes, rivers, canals, and other landforms and a separate listing of free, two-dimensional maps including traffic noise in major citiescoal production, and energy consumption, to name only a few.