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Careers In Osteopathic Medicine

Have you been thinking about osteopathic medicine and would like to know more about D.O. programs? Below are a few links we think might be helpful:

As as aside, we thought this NYT article was worth a read:

The D.O. Is in Now: Osteopathic Schools Turn Out Nearly a Quarter of All Med School Grads

“Yet it should be noted: Getting into osteopathic school is still excruciatingly tough. Last fall, almost 16,500 students applied for some 6,400 spots. Touro this year received 6,000 applications for 270 first-year seats for the Manhattan school and a new campus opening this summer in Middletown, N.Y. (The average M.C.A.T. score for students entering this fall was just a point below the M.D. average.)Read more.

Environmental Lawyer and more ENAM Alums Return to Campus

On Thursday, March 14, seven amazing Middlebury grads who majored in ENAM will return to campus for the English and American Literatures Field Guide.

On Thursday evening at 5pm in Atwater Dining, alums will participate in a panel discussing their career paths. This will be followed by an informal dinner.

Friday morning, alums will hold one-on-one career conversations with students at the Center for Careers and Internships. Students can sign up in Handshake.

Alumni returning to campus:

Joshua Axelrod ‘05
Environmental Law and Policy Consultant, Natural Resource Defense Council

Angela Evancie ‘09
Host of Brave Little State Podcast, Vermont Public Radio

Emily Lackey ‘06
Freelance Writer

Shanta Lindo ‘10
National Director of Career Programs, Posse Foundation

Chip Franklin ‘02
Consultant/Principal, Earthworm Advisors

Paulina Murton ‘03
Senior Director of Middle School Programs, Breakthrough Greater Boston

Nike Power ‘14
Studio Analyst, Amazon Studios

Pi (π) Day 2019

March 14th marks the 32nd annual π Day! It is a day to celebrate this never-ending number (3.14159 . . .)

According to the folks at careeronestop.com, the list below includes 25 of the careers that have the strongest demand for math skills. “Bright outlook” indicates that the field is expected to either grow rapidly in the next several years, have large numbers of job openings, or both:

UpNext: Careers in Life Science – March 14-15

UpNext is a dynamic career exploration series from the Center for Careers and Internships.

Each UpNext event brings alumni to campus to give Middlebury students an insider’s understanding of that industry, available career paths, and information about roles and skills necessary to enter future jobs and internships. Students also get first-hand look into the personal career paths of participating alumni from the Middlebury Professional Networks

The UpNext: Careers in Life Science is March 14th and 15th and has a series of wonderful opportunities to learn about the alumni, network, have your resume reviewed, and attend various workshops. Check out the schedule below!

Thursday, March 14

Careers in Life Science Panel Discussion at 6:00 pm in MBH 220

When it comes to the Life Science industry, there is a broad variety of ways to pursue your interests and find outlets for your abilities and liberal arts preparation; there are roles for STEM, humanities, and social science majors. The panelists will talk about the trends shaping the scope of this industry and what they mean for future roles in this field. Hear from a panel of Middlebury alumni with a variety of backgrounds who now have careers across a wide spectrum within the industry. Read more about the participating alumni here.


  • Penny Post ’89 (Biology) – Vice President, Protein Sciences Corporation
  • André Spring ’88  (French & Spanish) – Director Strategic Market Access, Novartis Oncology
  • Caroline Brown ’15 (Biochemistry & Italian) – Sr. Consultant, Clearview Healthcare Partners
  • Jeremy WardAlbert D. Mead Professor of Biology, Middlebury College

The panel discussion will be followed by a reception of students with the alumni participating in the UpNext program in MBH Great Hall.

Friday, March 15

Résumé Review Office Hours from 9:00 am-12:00 pm in ADK CLT

If you are interested in a career in Life Sciences, don’t miss this chance to get valuable feedback on your résumé from Middlebury alumni currently employed in the industry. Résumé reviews are private, one-on-one conversations and around 20 minutes in length.

Click on their names below to sign up in Handshake.

Workshops from 1:00-5:00 pm

Experienced professionals currently employed by a variety of Life Science firms will host multiple workshops designed to set you up for success as you explore career possibilities. Each workshop is 45 minutes. Attend them all or select only the ones most relevant to you; there will be short breaks between each session to allow you to come and go. Read more about the workshops here!

RSVP by clicking on the Handshake link below.

Gaining Experience in STEM Fields: Psychology

Psychology is one of the top three undergraduate majors in the U.S. and growing at a rate of 19%. Psychology students graduate with in-depth knowledge about human behavior, which is a skill ALL employers are looking for no matter what career path you are interested in. This skill makes graduates especially well-equipped for a wide range of careers after graduation. In addition to the training in human behavior, a bachelor’s degree in psychology gives you a wide range of skills in critical thinking, writing, problem solving, research, and synthesizing information.

What skills does studying psychology develop?

  • writing
  • critical thinking
  • time management
  • reasoning
  • communication
  • research
  • analysis
  • problem solving
  • prioritization
  • leadership and team management

What kind of societies and professional organizations do psychology majors have?

Summer Opportunities

Additional Career Resources

Connect with a Midd Alum doing legislative and government affairs work in VT

Shelley Sayward is Vice President and Assistant General Counsel at Casella Waste Systems, Inc. in Rutland, Vermont. She received her B.A. from Middlebury College in 1996 and launched into an eight year career in sales and marketing before commencing a four year law clerkship program in the State of Vermont.

Shelley has held multiple roles in the Casella legal department and became a member of the Vermont Bar in 2008. She received her SHRM-SCP and SPHR designation in April 2015 and is the Legislative and Government Affairs Director on the SHRM Vermont State Council.

She is on campus as part of the Geology Field Guide event! Read more below, including the link to sign up for a 1:1 chat with her on Tuesday morning.

Alumni will be on campus to share their path and professional life with students to help them think broadly about their Geology major and a variety of different career paths. Events are February 18 and 19, 2019.

What did they do at Middlebury and what are they doing now?
Find out at these events!

Monday, February 18, 2019

Alumni Panel and Dinner,  6:00 p.m.
Atwater Dining Hall
Reserve your spot, RSVP in Handshake!

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

1:1 Alumni Chats, 9:30 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.
Adirondack House – Click the alumni names below to SELECT A SLOT for a 1:1 conversation.

Participating Alumni:

Click here to learn more about our alumni panelists!

You don’t have to be a Geology major to meet with these alumni.

Click on their names below to sign up for 1:1 appointments in Handshake.

This is a unique opportunity for current students to hear from Middlebury alumni at the top of their fields about how to build a successful and gratifying career.