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Easier event scheduling and more in Google Calendar

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Google writes that: A new event page in Google Calendar has been introduced. Among the changes such as simplified layout and making the style more consistent with other Google apps, some new functionality has also been added:

  • New repeating event editor
  • New tool to help you find a time for your event and work better across time zones
  • Ability to set your default working hours for events


Google Apps/Exchange Summary: Scheduling

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Here is the summary in PowerPoint format, prepared by Ian McBride. Ian is on vacation and Adam Franco will be taking his part in the presentation.

Scheduling: Google Apps/Exchange, a Comparison

Google Calendar Sync now supports Outlook 2010

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Excerpt: “Google Calendar Sync for Outlook (version now supports Outlook 2010. Outlook 2010 comes in 32-bit and 64-bit versions, and currently only 32-bit is supported.”

More info here: http://googleappsupdates.blogspot.com/2010/08/google-calendar-sync-now-supports.html


Outline for Google-Exchange Calendar Presentation

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Google Apps Evaluation Outline
Topic – Privacy
Ian McBride – Exchange Presenter; Nate Burt – Google Presenter, Shel Sax – Moderator

August 31, 2:00-3:00

Features to be assessed:

  1. User Experience
  2. Event Scheduling
  3. Event Reminders
  4. Rooms and Resources
  5. Calendar Sharing
  6. Privacy
  7. Cool Extras