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Early Voting, National Polls, Bachmann, Biden and…er….Hard Wood

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Here’s what’s happening in the presidential race: First, within the next two days, half of all states will see residents begin casting their presidential ballot, through some combination of either early or absentee voting provisions. In 32 states and the … Continue reading

Media Bias, the Debates, and Why Jon Huntsman Is In Siberia

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The recent controversy regarding whether CBS deliberately limited Michelle Bachmann’s participation in Saturday’s Republican debate once again highlights the crucial role the media plays in winnowing the candidate field during the months prior to the actual start of voting for … Continue reading

Bachmann and Palin: Gender or Generational Gap?

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Two news stories today prompted me to pick up the thread of the discussion I started in a previous blog post regarding Chris Wallace asking Michele Bachmann whether she was “a flake.” The latest Newsweek magazine has Sarah Palin on … Continue reading