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Drawing On the Wall

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The American artist Sol LeWitt was widely known in the 1960s for the temporary wall drawings he devised for others to produce per his instructions as part of a growing Minimalism movement.

In what might be the epitome of hands-on learning, a group of art history students installed LeWitt’s Wall Drawing #394 last week as part of their class, “Minimalism: Art, Objects, and Experience,” with professor Eddie Vazquez.

The drawing came to Middlebury’s Museum of Art with a detailed set of instructions, including specifications for materials used and orientation of lines. Museum designer Ken Pohlman and preparator Chris Murray created the pencil grid guidelines, and each student could choose from a limited selection of lines to draw. The whole process took about 50 hours to complete, and the finished product will be on view in the Overbrook Gallery through April 21.

Help the Museum Match a $5,000 Challenge Gift

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Faculty and staff, we need your help.

The Middlebury College Museum of Art has received a gift that will match each  new membership by faculty and staff, up to $5,000. We’re proud that our Museum is free to the public, but it is not without cost. The exhibits we organize or bring to the College are here for you, our students, and our extended community. Please show your support by joining the Museum. It’s easy to join online, or you can visit the museum’s website for details on other ways to become a member and to learn more about the benefits of membership.

join the museum and help us match a challenge gift

EXHIBITED 2011: LIS Arts and Crafts Show (August 4-August 29)

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It’s that time of year again….time to show off your creative talents in  this Summer’s third annual LIS Arts and Crafts exhibit!!! Participation is open to all LIS colleagues and their student workers-so please spread the word to your artistically inclined summer staff! Submissions may include, but are not limited to:

Paintings ~ Drawings ~ Wood Working ~ Knitting ~ Embroidery ~ Jewelry ~ Musical Selections~Creative Writing ~ Quilting~ Poetry ~ Ceramics~ Photography

If you’re interested in participating, please contact Morgan Connor or Doreen Bernier by August 1st and indicate the following:

1. What you would like to display or perform for the show

2. A description of your work (medium, dimensions, title, etc.)

3. An Artists’ Statement (describing process or inspiration-may be as simple or as elaborate as you’d like)

You may drop off work for display by August 1st in Morgan’s or Doreen’s office. (Work will be stored in Doreen’s locked office in the evenings)

A Reception including creative performances will be held Thursday, August 4th in the Library Atrium 

Shared Shelf is Launched!

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ARTstor has notified us that all of the Middlebury Visual Resources images have now been ingested into our Shared Shelf collection in ARTstor.  There are 3,143 images in the collection (This is, to date, the largest Shared Shelf Collection in existence.)  The collection is quickly growing as we add images for teaching your courses.

These images will turn up when you search all collections in ARTstor, or you can choose to search just the Middlebury VR collection.

Exhibited 2010: LIS Arts & Crafts (June 9-28)

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The 2nd Annual LIS Arts & Crafts Exhibit (“Exhibited 2010″) will be held in the Atrium of the Davis Family Library June 9th-June 28th. The Opening Reception will be held at 4PM Wednesday, June 9th. All are welcome to see and hear the artistic and musical talents of LIS staff.

Exhibited 2010 Poster

Faculty Innovators Tell Us What They Need

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Our first priority with the Segue from Segue project is to make sure there are technology solutions available to meet the needs of as many faculty, students and staff as possible. That said, we would like to also be able to support innovative uses of technology, particularly those innovations that may eventually be useful to the broader community.

To this end, the Curricular Technology team invited a number of faculty who are innovators to show us how they have been using technology and tell us what they need.  Faculty who participated included Jeff Byers (Chemistry and Biochemistry), Hector Vila (CTLR), Enrique Garcia (Spanish), Hope Tucker (Film and Media Culture) and Roberto Veguez (Spanish).  A number of academic liaisons also participated in this session.  To learn more about what these faculty have been doing, see:

Segue from Segue » Presentations by Faculty Innovators