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We want your input!

This week David Provost and Jeff Cason kindly presented to all staff and faculty on Middlebury’s executive-compensation practices. During the presentation, many of you had great questions, valid comments and concerns, and insightful ideas.  Staff Council would like to hear from you.

Please join us in continuing this conversation by posting your comments, concerns, and questions via:  Staff Council’s blog (anonymity option), by reaching out to your staff council representative, by emailing scouncil@middlebury.edu, or by dropping your suggestions in the suggestion box outside of the box office in McCullough.   We value your input and we would like to share this with senior administration.

FY 2017 Staff Salary Increase

Merit Matrix Raise Allocation Based on a 2.00% Pool

  Position in Salary Range
APS Designation Lower Third Middle Third Top Third Over Max
Significant Improvement Required 0.0% 0.0% 0.0% 0.0%
Approached Expectations 1.00% 0.67% 0.0% 0.0%
Achieved Expectations 2.33%  2.00% (target) 1.67% 1.33%
Exceeded Expectations 2.67% 2.33% 2.00% 1.67%

Note: Employees whose performance requires significant improvement will not be eligible for increases, nor will those who are approaching expectations and whose salary is already above the middle third of their salary range.

A specific example of the new compensation plan

Attached is a spreadsheet that shows how an employee’s salary that is currently at the minimum, midpoint, and maximum of a specific job level – Operations 3 – will change over time. Three scenarios are shown – the current plan, the proposed plan, and the maximum under the proposed plan, but without a cap.
Compensation Example OP3 (4)

This was done in preparation for MCSC’s Executive Committee’s meeting with the Conference Committe of the Board of Trustees. And it relates to this post on Tim Spears’ blog.

Compensation policy change

If you haven’t already, please visit Tim Spears’ blog where he has three recent posts explaining the new compensation program:


The plan itself

How it will be implemented

Feel free to comment here or on Tim’s blog if you have questions or concerns.  Also, Tim or Drew Macan in Human Resources welcome feedback in any form.  You can send anonymous, private comments to either of them through campus mail.